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Abeg. You know. You know say all these people dey do things for their own selfish reasons but you just no wan gree with me. Anyway, you know say me I tell you say strike or no strike I go open my shop; I glad say I no buy into all these their nonsense

Yes, because from the thing wey I don see; first of all ASUU strike no dey solve any wahala at all. The strike go just waste the time of people children and the amount of time wey dem suppose spend for school go increase with no merit.

This thing wey you talk now na the same thing wey Atiku Abubakar talk now now now now. En talk say god fatherism don dey end. E even talk say make Iyamu work with obaseki and make en let go of the leprosy wey e hold for hand.

I no care… whether dem test or dem no test, we get ninety cases. If to say the cases dey increase; you for don hear how some people dey die…. With or without test. You know how many cases dey India right now?

So how that judgment take concine you? Yes, I agree with the thing wey dem dey do for kaduna; anybody wey wan go rape person pikin, make dem castrate am. Since e no wan get self-control… government go give am self control

Na wa o. your patience don loss this morning. The good part be say fuel price fit reduce to the barest minimum; if something happen now and fuel dey everywhere, the price of fuel fit reduce well well and you fit even buy fuel for twenty naira per litre

I be inspector general of police? Na the wan wey I read or hear na em I dey tell you. No be every trial you go hear about now… you know how many rape case wey dey court as we dey talk right now? E plenty now

Nna enh, na this morning my pikin tell me say she apply but dem no pick am and I come tell am say make she find another thing to do say big brother no be good place to go o, na em she come nack me with this eighty five million naira news.

Na the exact thing wey Femi Fani Kayode talk be that but even though na stupid question, e no warrant for Femi Fani Kayode to insult am like that and now because of the insult wey e rain for the journalist head e don enter wahala