Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (126): Nigerian Independence Day

Mazi, wetin you go do for Nigeria Independence Day?

Egbon, I no understand this your question o. me I no dey do anything for independence; the day dey like every other day for my eye

Aah, so you no go follow celebrate the birthday of your country.

Mtshw, wetin dey to celebrate? No tell me wetin you wan celebrate about this country. Na the bad roads you wan celebrate? Or na the lack of electricity na em you wan celebrate? Or na the insecurity you wan celebrate?

Sorry o. no be say I wan celebrate anything. I just dey ask question.

Hmmm. Okay o. na person wey achieve something dey celebrate.

Make dem dey do their independence day, me I go dey my house with my family. No time to check time.

You don hear say NERC don suspend the increase in electricity tarrif?

Enh! Which time this wan happen?

I just see the news this morning say dem go suspend am for now.

But my problem with that news be say suspension no be cancellation.

Na the exact thing wey I talk be that. The fact say dem suspend am no be say dem no go still increase am again.

I pray say the suspension go lead to something wey go better for all of us.

Amen o. how you go increase price of electricity when you never even give your people constant electricity?

My brother, if you ask me… who I go ask?

Nigeria don start to dey make their own corona testing kit ooo. No be good news be that?

Aaah na very good news be that. So now, we no go dey import testing kit again

I dey tell you and we even fit export test kits to other countries.

This is good news. At least dem go fit test more people everyday but my question now be say, the test go be free?

I doubt. I don even hear of some people wey pay for corona test and dem no even do the test for dem.

That wan na wen we still dey import test kit; me I dey talk of now… now wey we dey produce here… na free dem go dey do the test for people.

I no know o. make we dey watch dey see.

I hear something wey burst my head today

Wetin you hear?

I hear say nine hundred million people vote for this big brother show wey dem just finish

Enh! Nine hundred million what? The people wey dey this country reach nine hundred million?

That na why the news burst my head. We no even reach three hundred million for this country talkless of nine hundred million.

Where you see this news?

Na for paper now. Na wa o, so Nigeria get energy to vote for something like this?

My brother me sef I no know o. imagine the kind money wey the big brother show don make from all those votes.

Serious money, serious pepper. And e be like say people for other African countries also vote.

Na the only explanation for the nine hundred million people be that

Honestly. Abeg make I go chop; hunger wan kill me as I dey here so

Na wa o. I think say you chop before you come here.

Chop wetin? I no chop o

Okay o. chop well. Later.

Alright. Later.

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