Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (116): Thirty One Billion For The Account

Thirty one billion for the account oooo

Ahn ahn, Mazi this one wey you dey sing so; you get thirty one billion for your account?

Ha ha Egbon, abeg no allow me laugh this early morning; you think say you go see my break light if I get thirty one billion for my account?

Na wa o. na so money dey? So if you hammer now now… I no go see you again

No be say you no go see me again but you no go see for this newspaper stand; as we dey come here, you don ever see person wey get thirty one billion naira for en account?

How you go take know the amount of money wey dey person account by looking?

If person wey get thirty one billion naira for en account dey for this place now enh, me Mazi, I go know from eye contact.

You no be only Mazi, you don turn to dibia too. So why you dey sing?

I just read news wey talk say government don spend up to thirty one billion naira for corona matter for this country

Na lie jare, which kind yeye thirty one billion naira. Thirty one billion naira and them still no get isolation centre for all the thirty six states wey dey this country.

Hmmm, my brother… them don talk say na thirty one billion naira dey spend, so wetin we fit do… nothing

No talk like that, we fit do something

Like wetin?

We fit no believe them. Yes, we fit tell dem say we no believe dem… make dem know say our believe no be for sale

Egbon, sometimes enh… e be like say you dey talk something because you just wan talk. dem talk something finish… which wan come be say dem no fit buy your believe? Any government official come meet you with money in exchange for your believe?

No but if dem know say we no dey quick believe all these their yeye talk, dem go know say dem no fit buy am.

Okay o. no problem, you go phone newspaper tell dem say you no believe say government spend thirty one billion naira to stop corona for this country.

I no go phone dem but if anybody ask me whether I believe am… I go talk say na lie.

Okay. That Kano singer wey dem sentence to death don appeal o

Thank god o

Which wan be thank god, na appeal o… no be say dem change the sentence and even as e don appeal sef; some Imams don dey talk say any muslim lawyer wey help am don denounce islam.

Na wa o, from one wahala to another. E no get anybody wey e fit beg? Kai. Wen I think about am, sometimes I blame the singer… why you go insult mohammed when you know say you dey under sharia law?

Who tell you say e insult mohammed?

No be the blasphemy wey dem talk say e do be that?

Mtshw… e no insult mohammed o. en crime na say e praise one imam pass mohammed

Enh! Na en crime be that?

Na en crime o

Na wa o. this life.

My brother… this life na pot of beans.

Big pot of beans.

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