Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (122): Obaseki Wins Edo State Election

Egbon, Obaseki don win Edo state election ooo. I no tell you? I tell you now.

Mazi, I still no fit believe my ears. So you mean say Obaseki chop this Edo state election?

E chop am. E chop am clean mouth sef. I no tell you say Oshiomhole no get hand like that for Edo state again?

No be true. No talk say e no get hand like that for Edo state, because you no fit call Edo state without calling Oshiomhole name… the two names are brothers.

Brothers or sisters… upon everything wey Oshiomhole do to stop obaseki from winning this election; obaseki still win am.

Na wa o. e be like say the end of god fatherism don dey come.

This thing wey you talk now na the same thing wey Atiku Abubakar talk now now now now. En talk say god fatherism don dey end. E even talk say make Iyamu work with obaseki and make en let go of the leprosy wey e hold for hand.

Wetin that wan come mean now?

I know for am? My own be say, if to say me and you bet and put good money for this Edo state election; I for don win money now on top obaseki head.

Mtshw. So na that wan you dey think of. You don win our bet now… which wan come be money for inside now?

I no talk say make you give me money o. I just talk say if we put money inside the bet… e for make this my obaseki win sweet well well.

You dey talk like say na you win election. No be you be edo state governor o

Ehn, I no be obaseki but as e win… I also win. My ego win

Ha ha. No be only your ego… your spirit too no win?

Leave that thing. E dey pain you say you no win this bet. You hear the thing wey dino melaye tell Oshiomhole?

Wetin e talk?

E talk say oshiobaba don turn to oshiopikin.

Ha ha ha. Na wa o. Oshiomhole go hear am on top this election o.

E go hear am now. You think say na small thing obaseki do wey e win so?

But Dino Melaye no get sense. Why e go come dey mock Oshiomhole like this now. Just because of small election… Oshiomhole no be en mate o

Na you dey talk that wan. You think say Dino Melaye go be the last politician to mock Oshiomhole? Make tomorrow reach you go see how more politicians go commot to laugh Oshiomhole.

This world of politics enh, anything fit happen

Anything. Like now if you look this edo state election. In 2016 Obaseki contest with APC and Iyamu contest with PDP. Now for 2020 Obaseki contest with PDP and Iyamu contest with APC.

Enemies can become friends and friends can become enemies within the blink of an eye.

My brother, you don talk am finish. Nothing wey dey politics dey stable… na the most unstable career wey person fit enter especially for this country.

I dey tell you. Make I come dey go o. this wan wey you don spoil my morning with your news.

no worry, god go give you good news this morning. Say amen.

Amen ooo. Amen.

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