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The plain began to move and Biola looked outside the window, taking in the final sight of her homeland and releasing all the pain it had brought to her. As she felt the plane elevate, she was glad that this was the last time she was ever going to be called Biola Kila.

She entered a baby store trying not to pant obviously for the world to see “can I help you with anything?” a sales girl asked, she could tell that Efe was in a hurry “yes please… I want a green dress, a beautiful green dress” Efe replied pointing at the rack with baby dresses. “Okay, let me help you get it… please have a seat”

After asking him a number of interesting questions, she finally landed on the one that the whole country wanted to ask him “Sir, this interview will not be complete if I don’t ask you this question” she started smiling with caution. “As your Presidential tenor comes to an end, the entire country wants to know if you will run for a second term” she asked.

Sis. Aloysius was happy to see her as always and so was Biola; as they sat to talk, Biola took a good look at her and realized how much she had aged “time has really gone by” she said softly “indeed my child” Sis. Aloysius replied.

Efe’s call sent thoughts of guilt flowing in Biola’s mind; she was so lost in thoughts that she didn’t pay attention to whatever President Kenneth said to her about stopping the story about them from coming out. A knock on the door brought her back to reality.

After the phone call she got ready dressed and went to work; her thoughts were all over the place, so she decided not to drive. She called Biola on the phone because that was the only thing that would help her stop feeling the fear she was feeling for her friend.

Where did you learn that from?” Biola asked with a shy smile “telemundo” he replied as they moved from side to side with his hand on her waist “are you serious?” she asked with surprise and he nodded with mischief in his eyes

“At first, I thought it was to organize another interview with me, which would have been awesome but he just asked me about work and that was it… it felt like he wanted to ask me something but couldn’t bring himself to do so” but Biola knew what he wanted to ask her.

Mrs. Adamu was back in her home town, she spent much more time with her mother ever since Salim’s death and Amin didn’t see any reason to visit; so Biola knew that she was going to be alone for a while. As the day went by, she struggled with tears and the sadness of losing Father Samson in such a horrific manner but she never let herself cry; it made her feel weak and weakness was not something she could handle well.

At a point he did feet like he was going mad and just as he couldn’t stop thinking about Biola, was the way he could not shake the guilt that sat deep in his conscience tormenting him. “Run away with me, let’s run away… leave everything and go” Father Samson proposed, they were in Biola’s apartment, he was ready to give everything up for Biola and so was she.

The Rev. Father had a feeling that she would go to the altar of the church to pray the rosary; and even though he knew it was not right for him to trace this voice he let his feelings take control and followed them to the altar of the church.

Every single lady in the school had romantic interest in James even married women had secret desires for him but the only girl he had eyes for was Biola Kila. Biola was aware of his smouldering charisma, she was also aware of all the women falling for him to pick them up just to feel his hand on their skin but she was interested.

“Father?… Father?” she called quietly “I am here my child… go on” his voice was full of comfort “she was a very good friend to me but she did something unforgivable” the silence came back and Biola called him again “is this a habit?” the Reverend asked “what father?” “The habit of revenge… do you find that the virtue of forgiveness eludes you?”

“Is that why you now call yourself Biola Killa? Because you believe that you have turned into a psychopath?” Biola looked at Sis. Aloysius with surprise “am I a psychopath?” Sis. Aloysius didn’t believe that Biola was a psychopath but something about her sweet girl wasn’t right anymore “No… no Biola Kila… you are not a psychopath”

True to his suspicion, the meeting was indeed about Biola. Dome Alkali knew that there were many men after Biola but he never knew that one of those men was the chairman and even though Biola rejected him; they ended up becoming good friends because he believed she was very smart especially when she gave him some business advice that worked perfectly.

“What are you doing here?!” he retorted, Biola ignored his unpleased countenance and tried to hug and kiss him but he pushed her away and told her off, warning her to stay away from his house if she didn’t want his trouble then ordered the security guard to usher her out of his compound.

About ten minutes later Biola was about to go out for help when Amin woke up and began to throw up profusely, he threw up until there was nothing in his stomach “what the hell happened?” he asked when he saw the blood that was coming out of his head “we thought you were dead”

It was seven in the morning, Amin had not gotten any sleep; he was up all night thinking and re-thinking the words he was going to use to make his great proclamation of love to Biola. He showered and got dressed as if he was going to an event and while waiting for Biola to wake up before asking her out on a date he got tired of waiting and went into her room to wake her up.

Although Biola was afraid that Umar’s family might suspect her, Seyi was her pillar of confidence; he told her to tell them that they were attacked by drug dealers that Umar refused to pay. Indeed, Umar’s parents suspected foul play but the moment they saw her, the bruises on her body, the despair in her aura from Umar’s death all their doubts flew away never to return.