Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (121): Ferreri Is A Car, Not Motor

Egbon, good morning o. Abeg wetin be Ferrari? Because I just read news say Otedola buy Ferrari for en children and people no dey allow me hear word because of am, even my wife and pikin.

Mazi, how you go ask that kind question? You no know say Ferrari na motor

And so? If Ferrari na motor, Otedola be the first person to buy motor for en pikin?

Ha ha… Mazi, there is motor and there is vehicle. You know how one Ferrari be? And na three otedola buy o… one for each pikin

How much be Ferrari wey I no go hear word?

One Ferrari na hundred million naira.

Enh! Abeg abeg no give me heart attack this early morning. Na car dealership e buy with hundred million naira or na one car.

You no hear wetin I talk now now? There is motor and there is vehicle and there is car… Ferrari na car and e no be your mate.

So as we dey here dey find money to even buy Toyota corolla, person dey use hundred million naira to buy one car… this world no balance

At all o. e no balance.

Make I ask you something. This Ferrari wey cost so much… wetin the car dey do? The car dey turn to another thing for night? Abi na gold dem take make am?

Even me sef, I no know but I know say the car no be small car… na only big big people dey drive that Ferrari.

See enh Egbon, even if I get two hundred billion, I no go waste my money to buy that kind motor.

Mtshw, na so una dey talk now until your turn reach and den you go even buy Ferrari for you gate man.

No no no. I am serious, how I go use hundred million naira take buy one motor? Na waste of money be that now.

We shall see, if you ever get two hundred billion naira… I go dey watch you.

Okay o watchman. You hear the thing wey governor of borno state talk?

No o. wetin e talk?

E talk say boko haram dey recruit their children for borno state o.

Na wa o. this boko haram wahala, wen e go end now? I don tire to dey hear their news and the worst thing about this issue na the thing wey government dey do about am.

Honestly, how dem go catch boko haram members and instead of to carry dem go jail; dem take dem go rehabilitation… say make dem swear say dem no go join boko haram again

My brother, you fit tell catholic priest to swear say e no go do father again?


Exactly, once a terrorist… always a terrorist.

As dem don start to dey recruit children, we go see wetin government go do about am.

That is if dey go do anything.

Even if dey no do anything, dey go talk say dem dey do something.

You hear say governor uzodinma don sign new law for imo state wey go allow am to arrest people without consequence?

I hear am o. hmmm… I no just understand wetin this country dey turn into

Honestly. Maybe uzodinma wan do en own dictatorship for imo state

Who go allow am?

If dem allow sign this law den dem go allow am do anything wey e wan do

Na wetin you think but make we dey watch and see. Me I believe say this law na dey beginning of problem for uzodinma.

We no go know now. Time will tell

Indeed, tell tells all.

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