Young Nigerian Man Apprehended For Luring, Torturing Unsuspecting Young Women.

A young Nigerian man recognised as Kingsley Onuorah was arrested and detained at the Ojo Police Station in Lagos State for luring young unknowing, and innocent women with fake job opportunities.

It was confirmed that Kingsley worked as a manager at an ITEL outfit in Alaba International Market. He put up the advertisement of vacant positions and lured applicants to his apartment to submit their curriculum vitae. He would further convince his victims to stay a bit longer, telling them that a Human Resources Representative would come for their CV.

During this period, he would lock up his victim, preventing them from leaving, then rape and torture them for days till he is satisfied.

The young Nigerian man was caught when the sister of his last victim remained adamant about finding her missing sister. His victim was a 23-year-old lady.

Police Arrests A Sociopath In Lagos
Police Arrests A Sociopath In Lagos

Kingsley is presently in the custody of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligent Department (SCIID), Panti, Yaba.
The ACVPN officer said, “Kingsley is a sociopath who specialises in luring vulnerable women and young girls. He advertises vacant positions and applicants are asked to come with their CV, which happens to be his apartment”.

Kingsley initially denied all allegations made against him. However, when his phone was thoroughly investigated, they discovered nude pictures of his last victim alongside numerous other women.

It was at this point Kingsley broke down and confessed to the crime; they rescued his last victim from his apartment. Kingsley’s family offer to pay the victim’s legal guardian the sum of N150,000 to withdraw the case.

OC Gender Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, SCID, Panti insisted that justice must prevail.

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