Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (112): No Dubai No Wedding

Mazi good morning o

Egbon, good morning… I just dey read say Aisha Buhari don come back from Dubai, thank god say the sickness wey carry am go no be anything serious.

Mtshw, who tell you say na sickness carry am go Dubai?

But me and you discuss am now and dem talk say na neck pain carry am go Dubai for treatment

Since you just dey find out say Aisha Buhari don come back, you never know say Bubu second daughter Hanan  is about to wed.

Eheh, which time this wan happen? Who she dey marry? Another rich man pikin enh?

Na wa to you o, you think say any poor man for this country get the liver to go toast bubu pikin? Na big man pikin e dey marry but I never hear the name wey dem call before. My point be say, I no believe say Aisha Buhari travel go Dubai for medical treatment true true.

If not medical treatment den wetin go carry am go? How her journey to Dubai take concine her pikin marriage

So you wey dey sell market, you never know say Dubai na the place wey all this big big people dey go buy the things wey dey wan use to do wedding.

Ooooh! So you mean to tell me say, Aisha Buhari go Dubai to buy things for her pikin wedding?


But why dem go come lie say na medical journey?

Dem go lie now, if dem talk true… your country people go talk say na for inside pandemic dem wan go Dubai go buy things for wedding when people dey die every day from corona.

So na big wedding dem wan do be that. The law no dey apply to lawmakers for this country.

We never know if na big wedding or not but dem talk say the wedding go take place for Aso Villa

Abeg make we leave Aisha and Bubu tori. Ermm… Femi Fani Kayode don apologize to the journalist wey e insult.

That’s good, e be like say this internet na good thing because anytime wey anybody for government mess up; the things wey people talk for internet dey quick humble dem. On a normal day If I hear say Femi Fani Kayode go apologize to journalist, journalist wey he believe say no dey en level.

Na so e be. Everybody get time wey god go catch am; na Femi Fani Kayode time be this.

Helicopter crash for lagos o

Chineke! Which time this wan happen again?

I no know o, maybe na for yesterday afternoon e happen but three people don die now including the pilot.

Chai! That’s too bad. I no dey like to hear this kind thing.

My brother, e get anybody wey dey like to hear this kind thing? I even hear say the pilot no die immediately but as dey carry am go hospital, doctor talk say dey must to bring police report and na for that higi haga na em e come die.

Mtshw… you see my problem for this country. Human life no get value.

At all at all. If dey really care, dey for just treat am but hold am for hospital until the police report come

If dey care but dem no care. You know how many times I don hear tori like this? Doctor no wan treat person because of police report until the person die.

Even me sef I don hear am plenty times. If Buhari government no fit do anything, at least make dem bring rule wey go allow doctor treat people pending police report.

Yes, something gats change for that regard.

Make we just dey pray.

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