Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (124): Let Strike Go On Strike

Egbon, you don hear say court don order labour congress make dem no do any strike?

Mtshw, Mazi I hear am o. I no know say court get right to stop people from going on strike.

Dem get right now. Na court you dey talk of o; the keeper of our law for this country.

Make I ask you this question, if court get right to stop people from going on strike; why dem no dey stop ASUU strike?

That is a very good question

Yes, because from the thing wey I don see; first of all ASUU strike no dey solve any wahala at all. The strike go just waste the time of people children and the amount of time wey dem suppose spend for school go increase with no merit.

Nigerian court suppose see that issue solve am

Which brings me to the thing wey I tell you last week. All these yeye strike and protest wey you dey see na for their own selfish interest. E no dey benefit anybody especially the Nigerian citizens. See this ASUU strike now, you know how many times government don give money to ASUU to settle strike but still yet something go happen and dem go go on strike. Even see this Nigerian doctors’ strike too

No ooo that Nigerian doctors’ strike no make sense at all. Even if una get complain, na for this crucial period wey sickness boku dem go know say strike na the next move?

My brother. I just like the way wey minister of health address dem as e tell hospitals to replace any doctor wey go on strike with NYSC doctors.

En try for that decision and ever since dem call off their strike; I never hear anything about strike from doctors again.

How you go hear? Dem wan lose their job… for this period wey people dey find job and money.

You hear the thing wey Governor of Cross River state do?

Wetin e do?

Aaah. E appoint 18 people as special advisers on religious matters

Ha ha. Abeg I no get energy to laugh this morning. Wetin be special advisers on religious matters?

If you ask me, who I go ask? First of all nobody know wetin special advisers on religious matters dey do and secondly one person or two people no do am for the job. Ten people no even do am for that position na eighteen people gabadia e appoint.

These governors just feel say dem fit wake up for morning do anything wey dem like for this country

And that na because na we give dem chance.

How you go talk say na we give dem chance.

Yes, na we give dem chance. We no know our right for this country and when person give us small money, we go quick sell our birth right

How you go talk like that? No be all Nigerian dey like that

No be all but most Nigerians dey like that. The only reason I feel say we dey complain about government na because we no dey see the money wey dem dey chop. If to say dem dey share the money with us, nobody go complain… everybody go keep quiet and close eyes.

Hmmmm, honestly I no know where all these your talk dey come from but I no agree with am completely

You no need to agree with am but na true I dey talk.

I don do. I don hear you. We go continue this discussion later, make I come dey go

Na wa o. where you dey rush go?

I get things to do now. I am a busy man

Okay o. busy body.

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