Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (120): Ninety Is A Good Number

Egbon, you know how many new corona cases we get today for this country?

Mazi, how many?

Ninety cases… only ninety cases

Na wa o. na so the cases dey reduce? But remember say some people talk say the corona cases dey reduce because dem no dey too test like again.

I no care… whether dem test or dem no test, we get ninety cases. If to say the cases dey increase; you for don hear how some people dey die…. With or without test. You know how many cases dey India right now?

How many?

Five million cases

Aaaah! Five million cases? You sure say na dey correct number be that?

I see am this morning. So compare their five million cases with our ninety new cases… no be god?

Na god o… I just pray say this ninety na the true number

Even if ninety no be the true number… e no go high pass ninety like that.

I agree. You remember the time wey we talk say other states go follow Lagos state and start to dey open their schools, Oyo state don follow now

Ehen, which time dey want make their own schools resume?

Dey talk say primary and secondary schools go resume on September 21 and universities and polytechnics go resume on September 28

Slowly but surely everything go resume, e better make schools resume… children don tire to dey sidon for house.

Even parents don tire to dey see their children for house without doing anything… the so called online lessons wey schools talk say dem dey do no too dey work for this country.

E dey even work at all? No be for only big man pikin schools den dey do online lessons… you think say all these federal government schools dey do any online lessons

Or states schools especially the ones wey dey village

Exactly. Those ones no even get internet talk more of online lessons so e better make dem just resume. Dem go dey wear mask go class and government go put hand sanitizer everywhere make dem dey use.

From the way wey things be now enh, e be like say this corona no go commot until next year so we have to find way wey we go live with am without spreading am

My brother, you don talk talk finish. Life must to continue.

Indeed. Presidential task force talk say some people wey dey enter naija from abroad get corona virus but dem dey come with fake negative corona virus test.

Na wa o. but why are people like this? How you go get sickness wey you know say you fit spread and people fit die but you decide to fake am and risk the lives of many.

My brother, na so we see am that na why we must to be careful no matter what and no matter where we dey… we must to be careful.

I even hear say American don give visa ban to the people wey rig Kogi state elections.

You don’t mean it. But how dem take know the people wey rig the election?

I no know o but you know all these oyinbo people, if dem wan know something, dem go know am

That’s a good one. I know say e no be real punishment but at least na something

I dey tell you. Na something.

My brother, you don chop?

Are you asking a question or are you answering a question? You know wetin be time? I no go chop and I go come siddon here with mask for face dey gist news with you? Hmmm

Sorry o, me I never chop and I dey go chop.

Okay o. chop well enh.

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