Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (119): Government To Ban Alcohol

Good morning o, Mazi you just dey wake from sleep?

Mtshww, Egbon I no even know for myself again… the kind sleep wey I dey sleep these days enh.

You drink alcohol? Your voice dey crack like say you drink alcohol

I no drink any alcohol abeg. My voice dey crack because my throat dey dry.

Speaking of alcohol, you know say federal government wan ban alcohol for this country.

Na lie abeg. Where you read that nonsense?

I no read am, na person tell me last night say dem wan ban am.

No be say dey wan ban alcohol but dey just wan ban alcohol wey dem dey put inside sachet and small small bottle.

Ehen, so wetin be the point? If dey wan ban alcohol make dem ban am; which wan come be the wan wey dem wan ban only alcohol wey dey inside sachet and small bottles?

I know for dem? Dey talk say na the alcohol wey dey inside sachet and small small bottles dey cause alcohol problem and irresponsibility for the country.

Hmmm, who tell dem that nonsense?

If you ask me, who I go ask? My own be say we get all kinds of pressing issues for this country and na alcohol be the only problem wey government go see say dem wan solve.

Who even tell dem say alcohol na problem… if not for ogogoro people no go fit relax from the problems of life

My brother…. Sometimes wen pressure dey, one small cup of beer fit relax person.

One small cup dey do you? I dey need at least two bottles.

Two bottles? Two bottles too much now… big or small bottles?

E depends o. if the pressure too much then two big bottles, if not then two small bottles.

Na wa o. na you biko. If I try myself say I wan drink two bottles of beer, the kind sleep wey I go sleep enh… to wake up go be big problem.

That mean say you get light head.

Na so my wife talk. Lagos state dey determined to go back to normal o; dem don talk say primary and secondary schools go resume on the twenty first of this month.

You know say na dem dey first do things for this country before other states go follow. I just hope say dem go follow corona measures as schools dey resume.

Who wan die. Na only the person wey wan die no go follow the corona prevention measures now. Because whether we like am or not, people still dey die from this thing. We just dey lucky for this country say people no too die like dey die for other countries.

Our own no be luck, na grace of god.

Whichever wan wey e be we still thank god.

Honestly. Make I come dey go, I get wan important meeting like that

Aah, money wan enter o. no forget me when the money enter o.

Make the money come first. I go buy you one bottle of beer.

Na so you go talk now.

Till den now, you go see… I go show you.

I dey wait.

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