Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (111): Femi Fani Kayode Vs Journalist

Egbon, good morning o… since you no wan call today, I say make I phone you. How you dey?

Mazi, we thank god for everything. No mind me… I just dey read news about this former minister Femi Fani Kayode

Oh, you don see the video?

Which video? I never see any video o. wetin happen for the video?

Ahh, e dey shout for on top journalist head o, e even call the man stupid more than three times; say as e look the journalist face, e already know say na stupid man en be

Na wa o, you sure say na Femi Fani Kayode?

Ahn ahn no be the news wey you dey read so?

Wetin dey journalist ask am wey dey make insult am like that

The journalist ask am who dey give am money to travel to all the states wey e travel to recently

Which kind stupid question be that?

Na the exact thing wey Femi Fani Kayode talk be that but even though na stupid question, e no warrant for Femi Fani Kayode to insult am like that and now because of the insult wey e rain for the journalist head e don enter wahala

Hmmm na so e be especially with this internet wey everybody get now a days; anybody fit come the internet to talk your matter.

I dey tell you. National union of journalists don even release statement say the way wey Femi Fani Kayode treat the journalist no good and some other journalist don condemn en action.

Femi Fani Kayode don reply dem?

E talk something like the journalist no dey stupid anymore. Abeg I no read am finish, no be because of Femi Fani Kayode I dey wake up for morning.

Abi ooo. Today na Femi Fani Kayode, tomorrow na another person… na so life be. You hear say NAFDAC DG talk say chloroquine the only cure coronavirus during early stage?

Really, which time she talk that wan?

I no know, maybe yesterday

E make sense because some doctors say e dey work for them and others say e no dey work for them. But why she announce am now, abi she never hear of the pharmacy wey dey sell chloroquine for fifty thousand naira?

Who know for am… as she announce am now, wetin she gain? Dem go just dey announce useless things wey go make life hard for Nigerians… no be doctors and NCDC people she suppose tell that wan?

Exactly, na NCDC people she suppose tell. Bubu talk say en remaining years as president go be to improve service delivery.

Abeg wetin e mean by service delivery?

My brother, even me sef I ask the same question. From the thing wey dem tell me, service delivery mean good electricity, good education, good road and….

Stop there. I no wan hear nonsense this morning.

Ahn ahn which wan be nonsense again?

All the things wey you mention say bubu wan improve. Abeg I no wan hear tori wey I don hear fifty five times; I don tire.

Hmmm, I understand. All of us don tire, na the truth be that but until another person wey no go tell us the same tori come… na this same tori we go continue to hear.

The change wey e talk say e go bring since, service delivery no dey inside the change? Na now e wan start to dey improve service delivery; in short I no wan talk of am before I vex this morning.

No vex o. no waste your energy. I get wan meeting life that, make I come dey go

Ok no problem.

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