Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (115): Fuel Price Is Hurting Mazi

Egbon, you don hear say dem don increase fuel price?

Mazi my brother, I don hear. I talk am… the time wey dem reduce fuel price enh, I talk say dem go still increase the fuel price and na wetin dem don do so.

Mtshw… kai I just tire, wetin dey stable for this country

Nothing! And nothing go ever dey stable… not fuel price or electricity price or even food price.

This food wan wey you just talk enh… Bubu talk say e dey do everything wey e fit do to reduce food price.

Which reduce food price, how food price go reduce wen dem don increase fuel price? Abi dem wan start to dey subsidize food price?

Dem fit do that wan now e no go bad, instead of to dey subsidize fuel price and the fuel price still dey increase.

Hmmm, if you see am like that but I no think say e get anything wey dem go fit do about food price except dem go just declare say make food sellers no increase price. Simple

That wan too dey. Eheh, you see as corona cases just dey reduce?

I dey see am o but before you rejoice, I read something for news wey talk say the amount of corona cases dey reduce because the amount of test wey dem dey do don reduce well well.

Eheh, that na good explanation but even if, e still fit be say the cases dey reduce. This fuel price increase still dey pain me

Mazi, you still dey think of fuel price… abeg leave am. Even Minister of state for petroleum resources, Timipre Sylva talk say the fuel price increase no dey for Bubu control

Which kind yeye talk be that? No be Bubu increase am so… if Bubu talk say e no go increase at all at all… who go increase am? Abeg leave matter for mathias.

Na you suppose leave am o because na you e dey pain pass. FG don reduce curfew o, from 10:00pm to 12 midnight.

I even hear say Oyo state don commot curfew kpatakpata.

Are you serious? Make FG just commot the curfew… no be say corona get the time wey e dey commot but dem even talk say NYSC camp fit resume now sef so maybe very soon everything go open and FG go finally commot curfew.

The so called curfew no dey do anything because for my eye enh, everything don go back to normal

The fact say everything don go back to normal for your eye no mean say corona no dey o… e no mean say you go loose guard o

No now… me I still dey use my mask and my hand sanitizer. I just dey talk say all businesses don open and businesses don dey almost do business full time.

Okay o. just be careful, people still dey die from corona.

I don hear.

So government give teachers examination to test wetin dem know wey dem dey teach studenst… guess how many fail the exam?

How many?

Nine thousand, two hundred and forty six teachers

Enh! Nine thousand gini?! Ahn ahn if all those ones fail den wetin teachers dey teach for Nigerian schools.

If you ask me, who I go ask?

Hmmm… this wan shock me, I no even know wetin to talk. abeg make I come dey go my shop

Okay o. later now.

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