Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (125): Don’t Trek For Anybody, Trek For Yourself

Egbon good morning o. You still dey house? You never go protest for road?

Mazi, good morning. As I dey so, na office I dey go from here; this labour congress strike dey full of confusion.

How e no go full of confusion when federal government don threaten people finish and police don talk say dem go pour teargas for una eye; if una go do protest

Asides that sef, e be like say labour congress and federal government don settle

Settle on wetin? Dem don reduce electricity bill?

Dem talk say labour congress and government agree on a form of palliative

Palliative for who? For me and you or for the ogas at the top of that labour congress?

Mazi, I no know o

Abeg. You know. You know say all these people dey do things for their own selfish reasons but you just no wan gree with me. Anyway, you know say me I tell you say strike or no strike I go open my shop; I glad say I no buy into all these their nonsense

E no be nonsense but I understand your own point of view. Aisha Bubu talk  say corona come because god no happy with us.

Wetin that wan mean? Say god wan kill us? I no dey like when people just blame god for nonsense; if she catch corona die now… she go talk say na god do am?

Mtshw abeg leave matter for Matthias. No be the one wey she know she dey talk. all these big big people… when dey chop finish belle full dem go start to dey talk nonsense.

Instead of her to go do correct charity work help women and widows in need, she sidon there dey talk wetin we no know.

You hear of that man wey talk say e wan walk from kaduna to zamfara state all for governor Matawalle?

I hear o. e don start en trek?

I no know for am o but governor Matawalle tell am make e carry en energy take do something else wey go help am instead of to trek trek wey no go do anything for am.

Who tell you say the trek no go do anything for am? First of all, the trek go help am lose weight…

Mtshw, na weight we dey talk here? The man tell you say e fat before?

Wait make I land first now. Asides the weight loss, money go enter after the trek.


You don forget about the time wey some men trek for bubu; after dey finish their trek… Bubu and some northern governors give dem money.

Eheh, I no know o

Dey there now. You fit trek for your state governor now and after the trek, e go call you for visit and then give you money.

Na wa o. abeg who get that time and energy to trek up and down like mad person; and with the insecurity wey dey this country now. Na rob dem go rob person for road and if possible kill sef.

My brother, na truth you talk o. this no be the time to dey trek from one state to the other if you no be mad person.

Maybe insecurity na the reason wey governor Matawalle tell the man make e go do another thing with en energy.

Honestly, e fit be. Osinbajo talk say dem go soon open land borders

Hmmm, who land borders epp?

E epp the people wey dey use am now. Na wa for you o. everything just dey annoy you.

I just tire for this country.

Who no tire? Make I come dey go abeg. I go see you later.

Okay no problem. Bye.

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