Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (113): Eighty-Five Million Reasons Why

Egbon, eighty five million naira, a whole eighty five million naira

Mazi, wetin happen to eighty five million naira? Person dey owe you eighty five milliona naira?

I no know say this big brother thing wey dem dey do, the winner go win a whole eighty five million naira

Ha ha, so na the thing wey you wan disturb person with this morning; everybody know now, how come you just dey find out

Nna enh, na this morning my pikin tell me say she apply but dem no pick am and I come tell am say make she find another thing to do say big brother no be good place to go o, na em she come nack me with this eighty five million naira news.

My brother na serious money dem dey win for that big brother; if to say my son get interest I for encourage am make e go o.

Chai! Eighty five million naira no be beans now. Where dem dey get all this kind money dash people?

You know how much dem dey make from the program? Program wey everybody for this country dey watch. The eighty five million wey dey make you shout no even reach quarter of the amount the organizers dey make.

Na true you talk. You know wetin go happen?

Wetin go happen Mazi?

The next time they wan do am, they must to pick my pikin

How? Wetin you go do if dem talk say dey no go pick your pikin

Dey watch, by the time I do one or two film trick, dey go pick am… just dey watch. Other people pikin go dey win eighty five million naira and my own go siddon dey look my face? God forbid.

I hope you know say no be everybody wey go the big brother dey win eighty five million, na one person dey win the money.

I know… Egbon… no worry, my pikin is next on the line to win that money

Okay oh. God go help una

Thank you. Sanwo Olu talk say make all universities for lagos resume by September 14.

Ehen. Hmmmn. Me I no really support am o, because whether we like am or not corona still dey and people still dey die

Egbon, the fact that people still dey die no mean say other people wey dey alive no go go school; children must to go school now… life must to move on

No talk like that, yes… life must to move on but e no mean say you move the life inside danger. No be Ben Bruce brother in law just die because of this same corona. People are dying

Ayaah, Ben Bruce brother die?

Brother in-law, and e never tey since en wife die o

Honestly, grief no easy to deal with at all. May his soul rest in peace. Ehen back to school resumption, if you dey complain about resumption of schools; you don forget say people dey write waec and we never hear say because of waec corona cases increase.

That is because they are careful and the number of people wey dey write waec no reach the number of all the people wey go resume school

No worry, dem go set am in a way wey school go resume and nobody go die of corona. Life must to move on.

Hmmm, okay o. I no go talk anything again.

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