Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (114): Pastors And Their Wahala

Egbon, good morning o

Mazi, how far now, this wan wey your voice dey sound like frog dey inside your throat. Wetin happen?

Mtshw, nna enh… e be like say I get sour throat. All these pastors wey dey rape people pikin, police dey do anything so?

Dem dey arrest dem now, if dem no catch dem to arrest dem, you for hear the tori? But I believe say pastors wey dey rape enh… dem deserve life sentence.

Honestly, how pastor go dey rape girls… small small girls o. some pastors dey even rape small pikin. Which kind nonsense be that?

The pastors wey dem arrest, I never hear say dem sentence one o… you sure say police dey do anything at all?

I be inspector general of police? Na the wan wey I read or hear na em I dey tell you. No be every trial you go hear about now… you know how many rape case wey dey court as we dey talk right now? E plenty now

Hmmm, any pastor wey no fit practise the thing wey e dey preach and na to dey rape girls… en deserve death sentence. I just read the news this morning of one pastor wey rape two girls. Two o… meaning that e don dey do am before well well. The news tire me because no be the first time I dey see this kind news this month. You see the one wey the pastor rape two sisters?

I see am now, wey one of the sisters come get belle for am and e come talk say e wan marry the girl.

Na wa o. and that pastor still dey breathe the same air wey me and you dey breathe?

E dey breathe am but na for inside kirikiri e dey breathe am

Na for that kirikiri e go die. Nonsense.

Femi Fani Kayode don come again o

Wetin e do?

E talk say make daily trust give am six billion naira

Six billion naira!!! For wetin?

Wait fes now. E talk say dem publish something for their newspaper about am wey e no like and because of that; e want make dem give am six billion naira.

Ha ha, eweleh! E no even talk hundred million… of which that na still be plenty money. If you sell the whole daily trust now now, e go reach six billion naira?

Even if dey get am, you think say dem go give am? Even the Femi Fani Kayode, if you sell am e go reach six billion?

My brother… very good question

Money we yen generation never see for this life na em e want make dem pay am. Mtshw, abeg make I hear better thing.

Honestly. I no just understand how some people dey think… some people no get oil for their head

At all… you hear say Oshiomhole get accident?

No be him get the accident o. na en convoy

Wetin be the difference?

The difference be say e no dey inside any of the motor wey get the accident but the motor wey get the accident dey inside en convoy.

Na wa o. this your explanation don pass theory answer sheet.

Na simple explanation now

Okay o. e do. Make I come dey go abeg.

Alright now. Later.

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