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On 17th April, 2020, my world came crashing down and my heart shattered into a billion pieces. Upon receiving the news of my father’s passing, I immediately felt the most excruciating pain – a pain I would not wish on my worst enemy. My biggest fear in the world had materialised.

Now that Ebun has been locked up too, who knows what will happen to him? Who knows if he was really involved in the murder of the pregnant mother or his father’s record in the police station has to be broken? Well, that’s a case to watch out for.

Days have passed and I couldn’t reach Funke still. I tried searching for her on Facebook. I’ve tried her name on the social media platform using different prefixes and suffixes such as Funke Williams, Olufunke Williams, to Williams Oluwafunke but couldn’t get a good result. Perhaps she must have used names such as ‘Cocoberry Shantel’; who knows because I don’t believe she’ll be missing on this app. I was very disturbed just to relate my side of the story of the occurrence at the restaurant.

Our conversations thereafter were about having a date together. We then fixed a date and venue. The night before the day we were to meet, I had dreamt about starting a beautiful home with Funke.

It was only then I realized I had been set up and Uncle Ashiru my ardent supporter was nowhere to be found. The VC took his pen, struck out my beloved Economics and wrote by first choice: MBBS. He then pulled a sheet of paper and wrote my name on it. Still straight faced he said thank you and good bye. I was escorted out by a still smiling Uncle Mainasara with my fate was sealed. I do not recall being gloomy and that is how my professional life begun.

What if the boat eventually capsizes? Will that be the end of my life just like Solomon Grandee who spent his life in a week in that popular nursery rhymes.

As naked as a newborn, she was lying flat on the sofa with her legs flung widely apart like the surreal gate of hell—the one he heard his pastor preach about the previous week—the one that all sinners will enter through. He was too confused. It’s been a while he had it. The last time was four years ago, and it was with Sandra, his last university girlfriend. He loved her deeply but she broke his heart. It happened just as he was about to leave Lagos for the northern city of Kano to answer the clarion call of the voluntary National Youth Service Corps. She went on to marry a man, fifteen years older than her.

I watched a cartoon called Rango, the main character there is a chameleon. It is a parody of the Nigerian condition complete with Buhari, Burutai, Lai , and stupid citizens.

It was therefore a heartbreak when father received a call from one of the villagers that our farm has been ruined by herdsmen and their cattle. The herdsmen fed on some while their cattle threaded on the rest.

The Bookshop is a novel written by British author Penelope Fitzgerald. It was published by Gerald Duckworth in 1978. The…