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Tony composed a long resignation email and sent it to Mr. Henry; life was now uncertain for him without a job but he felt free, he felt happy, he had a certain peace that he could not explain. No matter what happened, he was sure that all was going to be well; because he now knew the things that matter the most to him, life and family.

The plain began to move and Biola looked outside the window, taking in the final sight of her homeland and releasing all the pain it had brought to her. As she felt the plane elevate, she was glad that this was the last time she was ever going to be called Biola Kila.

Abeg. You know. You know say all these people dey do things for their own selfish reasons but you just no wan gree with me. Anyway, you know say me I tell you say strike or no strike I go open my shop; I glad say I no buy into all these their nonsense

“You are early” I said “so are you” he replied. Looking at him alone already broke my heart; I couldn’t wait, I couldn’t wait to order and have a pleasant conversation before discussing the main issue that brought us there and so I went straight to the point.

Yes, because from the thing wey I don see; first of all ASUU strike no dey solve any wahala at all. The strike go just waste the time of people children and the amount of time wey dem suppose spend for school go increase with no merit.

When he got to the floor that was directly below the roof top; he searched for water desperately and finally found half a bottle of water abandoned underneath a desk. He gulped it without thought and waited for a few seconds to see if it was going to have any effect on his current state. It did… he felt a little better and stronger but the pain in his arm lingered.

She entered a baby store trying not to pant obviously for the world to see “can I help you with anything?” a sales girl asked, she could tell that Efe was in a hurry “yes please… I want a green dress, a beautiful green dress” Efe replied pointing at the rack with baby dresses. “Okay, let me help you get it… please have a seat”

This thing wey you talk now na the same thing wey Atiku Abubakar talk now now now now. En talk say god fatherism don dey end. E even talk say make Iyamu work with obaseki and make en let go of the leprosy wey e hold for hand.

What is the question that I wanted to ask him? I wanted to ask him if what we were doing was leading anywhere; I wanted to ask him if marriage was something that he saw for us. But I couldn’t bring myself to ask him that question because I felt that it was going to make me look like I was desperate for marriage.

I no care… whether dem test or dem no test, we get ninety cases. If to say the cases dey increase; you for don hear how some people dey die…. With or without test. You know how many cases dey India right now?

Okay then, let’s go… perhaps he is outside the vicinity” Inspector Dauda speculated and Linus agreed, walking behind him in a massive hurry. For the first time in his career, he joined the league of policemen found wanting.

After asking him a number of interesting questions, she finally landed on the one that the whole country wanted to ask him “Sir, this interview will not be complete if I don’t ask you this question” she started smiling with caution. “As your Presidential tenor comes to an end, the entire country wants to know if you will run for a second term” she asked.

“I am very happy for her… I mean it is good news but I won’t lie, I am a bit jealous” Lota confessed “don’t worry you are next” I replied as if I was a psychic “between you and I, you are most likely next” she said firmly and it made me wonder.

So how that judgment take concine you? Yes, I agree with the thing wey dem dey do for kaduna; anybody wey wan go rape person pikin, make dem castrate am. Since e no wan get self-control… government go give am self control

Sis. Aloysius was happy to see her as always and so was Biola; as they sat to talk, Biola took a good look at her and realized how much she had aged “time has really gone by” she said softly “indeed my child” Sis. Aloysius replied.

He came to my office yesterday to see me but I managed to escape… gosh… I am really a coward. Don’t get me wrong oh, I am going to talk to him eventually but am not ready to yet. Rather, I haven’t grown the balls to talk to him yet… hence the being a coward.