Presentation Day

Presentation Day (Episode 23): Not All Dreams Come True

After Tony passed out for a couple of minutes, he woke up and tried to stand up but he couldn’t; his body was too weak to and his arm hurt terribly. he struggled to roll over and push himself up but every time he tried, he felt as if a bag of rice was tied to his stomach but he didn’t give up. He kept trying.

He saw a pair of feet walking towards him but he was unable to lift his head all the way in order to see the face of the owner of the feet. He tried desperately to get up but his body didn’t let him. Finally he stopped trying and rolled on his back just to see one of the policemen he shot earlier pointing a gun at him.

“Please! Please!” he cried but his words were futile. The policeman shot him twice. One bullet for his head and the other for his stomach. It was the end for Tony, his day had ended the way it started; with death.

“Noooooo!” Tony screamed from his sleep. He opened his eyes and touched his body; he touched his arm and there was no cast on it… it was not broken in any way. It was all a dream. The worst day of his life was all a dream.

“Janet” he muttered and ran to his living room to check on her. She was on the couch; an empty bottle of wine was beside the couch with an empty bottle of pills just as he had seen in his dream. “Janet!” he shook her frantically afraid that the worst had happened.

“Janet!” he called shaking her more intensely until she groaned opening her eyes half way. “What is it?” she whispered “Oh my god! You are not dead” Tony said with joy and hugged her. He hugged her like he was seeing her for the very first time.

“I forgive you for everything. You are my sister and I love you” “I love you too, thank you for your forgiveness but can you allow me sleep?” she said with a weak smile “okay okay no problem” Tony replied getting off the couch and watching her for another thirty minutes just to make sure that she was breathing.

He had slept for only an hour but he felt as if he had been sleeping for twenty two hours because of the dream he had. He sat on his bed thinking that the dream was probably another chance for him to make it right in life. Perhaps it was time for him to choose happiness by finding a more fulfilling job with better people; people that he could stand and not people who made him fantasize about murder.

His sister, Janet was supposed to go to Kaduna in the morning to see their father and he thought it a good idea to go with her and see him; since he had not seen him in a long time.

Tony composed a long resignation email and sent it to Mr. Henry; life was now uncertain for him without a job but he felt free, he felt happy, he had a certain peace that he could not explain. No matter what happened, he was sure that all was going to be well; because he now knew the things that matter the most to him, life and family.

The End

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