Presentation Day

Presentation Day (Episode 22): Escape Another Day

1:00 am

Tony still in his hiding place could feel his injured arm throbbing like no man’s business; the pain that it generated gave him a headache and he felt like he was going to pass out. “This is not the time to pass out… Tony. Tony.” He said to himself, slapping his cheek continuously with his uninjured arm.

He had been hiding in that corner on the rooftop for about an hour and he sensed that it was time for him to come out of there and run for his life. He dragged himself through the pain and down the stairs holding the stair railings like life support because he was scared that the pain he felt in his arm was going to make him pass out at any time.

When he got to the floor that was directly below the rooftop; he searched for water desperately and finally found half a bottle of water abandoned underneath a desk. He gulped it without thought and waited for a few seconds to see if it was going to have any effect on his current state. It did… he felt a little better and stronger but the pain in his arm lingered.

He tried to call Olinlin, it was then that he realized that he had lost his phone “shit! Shit! Shit!” there was no time for him to search for it, he needed to get out of that building as fast as possible and using the front door was not an option. He was sure that police men were stationed in front of the front door.

Lucky for him, he knew the building relatively well and he knew his way to a small back door that only company security guards and cleaners used. He wasn’t sure whether policemen were going to be station by that door; it was going to be a risk… a risk that he had no choice but to take.

He looked around and found another abandoned half bottle of water and poured it on his head. He needed to feel the coolness of water all over his head and face. After taking a few moments to feel water drip down his face, he proceeded to the back door.

After ten flights of stairs he was finally on the ground floor, he heard voices from a distance but he couldn’t make out what they were saying; he just assumed that they were policemen and discreetly made his way to the back.

As he approached the back door, he heard a man’s voice and immediately hid behind a door; it was the voice of a policeman stationed at the back door, the policeman was on the phone. Tony suddenly realized that there was no way he was going to leave the building without trouble. He was boxed in.

Tony knew that the more time he spent in that building, the closer they were to catching him; so he picked up an iron rod and walked discreetly to the policeman hitting his head with the rod before he could even turn to see Tony.

He took the policeman’s gun and the key to the door from his pocket; in the act of opening the door another policeman who saw Tony from afar shot at him and missed. Tony then took the opportunity to shoot back, straight to his head.

He didn’t wait to see if he was dead, he opened the door quickly and rushed out but the moment his legs touched the ground outside the building, his sight closed in on him and he couldn’t feel his legs. Tony did everything in his power to move but his legs didn’t move… he collapsed there on the floor with the door still opened and two unconscious policemen.

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