Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 47): The Beautiful Wife Of The President

A crowd of press was outside the building waiting in great anticipation; the lights were bright, the mics were on and the cameras were focused only on President Kenneth and the woman who was interviewing him… Efe Omorighe.

It was the most anticipated interview President Kenneth had ever done, it was his first interview in six months and the entire country was filled with curiosity. His tenor as president was coming to an end everybody wanted to know if he was going to run for a second term.

This was the proudest moment of Efe’s career as a journalist, the first interview she did with him was documented in writing but this time it would be aired live on the national television channel.

After asking him a number of interesting questions, she finally landed on the one that the whole country wanted to ask him “Sir, this interview will not be complete if I don’t ask you this question” she started smiling with caution. “As your Presidential tenor comes to an end, the entire country wants to know if you will run for a second term” she asked.

President Kenneth turned his gaze to Efe for longer than she deemed comfortable and after a long uncomfortable silence, he spoke “where is your friend?” the question took Efe aback and confused the rest of the filming crew.

She knew exactly who he was asking about but she didn’t want to give him an answer on screen; so she chuckled and smiled like a kid in a candy store, then turned to the camera “two years ago, I interviewed the President and he helped my younger sister….” President Kenneth interrupted her lie with laughter “there is no sister; you know the person I am asking of… where is she?”

 Lucky for Efe, the crew members understood that the President was putting her in a tight corner and they stopped filmed and went straight to commercial; the producer read the room and asked everyone to excuse them “commercial break will be over in five” he said to the President’s press secretary.

“I don’t know where she is, the last time I heard from her was the day she landed in Abuja and that was six months ago” Efe replied with a lowered tone. “Are you kidding me?” he asked with serious concern “no sir, I am not. I haven’t seen or spoken to her in six months. I have searched and cried but she is nowhere to be found” Efe watched his face intently “do you know where she may be?” she asked

President Kenneth was quiet in thought, he seemed afraid but Efe wasn’t sure; she didn’t understand his anxiety “tell them that I intend to run for a second term. Thanks” stood up and left before she could get another word from him. “There goes my chance at greatness” she said to one of the camera men and he shrugged.

Later that day, she sat in a small garden near her office building sipping an energy drink; she thought about the day she had had and how crazy it was for President Kenneth to ruin the entire interview because of Biola. She put her hand in her purse and brought out a diamond ring. It was the engagement ring that Seyi gave to her.

“Good evening” Efe greeted Seyi, who was surprised to see her “I’m sorry to disturb” “no it’s fine, come in” he invited her in. “I wanted to give this to you” she went straight to the point, handing the ring to Seyi. He looked at it and smiled “so she is too chicken to return this to me herself? And why now? It’s been six months… she might as well just sell it if she really wanted to get rid of it”

“She told me to return it a long time ago but I was the one who was too chicken to do so” Efe replied “I should go” she headed towards the door “do you know that I used to be married?” his words stopped her and she turned to listen “I used to be married, even had a baby girl… a beautiful baby girl”

“What happened to them?” she asked “they died, it was a terrible accident and I was lucky to survive it but they weren’t so lucky” “I am sorry about that” Efe said softly “it was a long time ago, so I hardly talk about it but when I think about them and everything that has happened between your friend and me; I know that the universe doesn’t want me to have a lifelong partner”

It was obvious that he was hurting but Efe didn’t know what to tell him to make him feel better; she prayed for her phone to ring so that she could use it as an excuse to run away but it didn’t. “I’m probably holding you from getting somewhere” he said reading her demeanour “Seyi, I know that it is hard right now but it will be fine. I know you probably think that Biola is fine but she is not and I doubt she will ever be again… so don’t think that she is not hurting without you” “that is supposed to make me feel better but it doesn’t” he replied turning his face away from her.

“You should go, I don’t want to hold you up anymore” he said “take care of yourself Seyi” Efe said and he nodded.

“Welcome” a voice greeted Efe as she entered her house, it was Biola; she was on the dining table with a book and poor lighting. “Can you see what you are reading at all?” “yes I can” she replied and went back to her book while Efe went to her bedroom.

The past six months was very tough for them, Biola was lucky that Efe secretly followed her to Abuja only because she couldn’t shake the feeling of grief she felt towards her friend. And she was only five minutes away from Biola when she was attacked by gunmen.

Efe took care of her and hid her away from the world, away from the person who ordered the hit against Biola… President Kenneth’s wife, Priscilla Nwaorji. A quiet but deadly woman.

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