Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 49): Beautiful Escape

Biola barged into Efe’s office; she looked a tad bit haggard and hysterical at the same time. She paced around the office waiting for Efe to come while mumbling to herself “what’s the problem? I had to cut my meeting short” Efe was extremely concerned. Her main fear was that President Kenneth’s wife had found out where she was.

“Please calm down and talk to me” she said to Biola, who was trying to talk but her words were incoherent. “I killed him” Biola managed to say “who? Who did you kill?” Efe was terrified at Biola’s revelation.

Biola told Efe everything that happened earlier that day; she told her that after she managed to escape their neighbour’s house and go home, she couldn’t take it. “I couldn’t take it… I couldn’t let him go free” Biola said “we could have called the police. He would have gone to jail… there is no way he would have gone free” Efe replied

But Biola continued her story by telling her how she got her gun and went back to their neighbour’s house and shot him. She shot him five times in the head. “Help me. I don’t know what to do” Biola was filled with agony for what she had done but the agony didn’t change the fact that she would not do things differently if she were to turn back the hands of time.

“He should have known better than to rape a girl like you,” Efe said softly thinking of everything her father went through when he raped Biola. “I don’t know what to do. As soon as his body is found… it won’t take long before the police comes for me, my daughter” “don’t worry” Efe patted her on the back.

“There is only one thing you can do” she said “kill myself?” “Nooo” Efe was shocked by Biola’s answer and even more shocked by the seriousness on her face when she said it. “The only option you have is for us to leave this country. We have to relocate to another country… change our names and start all over again” Efe said.

“No. I can’t let you uproot your life because of me” “what are you going to do without me? Where you go … I go” Efe said and her words brought tears to Biola’s eyes “you are the greatest friend I have ever had” Biola said “you are not my friend but my sister” Efe said and the two ladies hugged each other.

The next few days were used to prepare for their escape. Efe resigned from work while Biola packed everything they owned and sent them via courier to the country they were to move to. They had decided to move to a country in the Caribbean islands; it was easy to hide in that area.

They wired most of their finances out of the country. By then their neighbour’s body had been found and the police had opened up an investigation on his murder. But they thought that he was killed by assassins sent by one of his opponents at work. This bought Biola and Efe more time.

The day to leave finally arrived for them and Biola was experiencing cold feet “it is funny how you are the one who doesn’t need to run away from this country but I am the one who has cold feet about it” Biola said as they walked towards the airport taxi. “It often happens, don’t worry about it. By the time we arrive our destination, you will feel much better”

Luckily for them, everything at the airport was swift and before they could sit and think too much about what they were doing; they were called for boarding. And in the plane in no time.

As the pilot made his usual announcement before the flight; Biola looked at her daughter, Egundoyin, and wondered if she was ever going to tell her who her father is. “Are you okay?” Efe asked and Biola nodded her head “Don’t worry we would soon arrive Antigua” Efe assured her friend and Biola smiled.

The plain began to move and Biola looked outside the window, taking in the final sight of her homeland and releasing all the pain it had brought to her. As she felt the plane elevate, she was glad that this was the last time she was ever going to be called Biola Kila.

                                                                                                                        The End.

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