Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 48): The Beautiful Outdoors

It was 7:00 pm and Efe was in a serious hurry; she had a good day at work, a day in which she interviewed the governor of Lagos state and released a story about the Nigerian Stock Exchange Market that went viral. But she rushed out of her office like it all meant nothing.

“Where is she going to?” her producer called “I need to be somewhere by now” she answered without reducing the speed of her footsteps. She got into her car and for the first time in a very long time she drove like a maniac; within fifteen minutes she parked in the parking lot of a large shopping mall and practically raced in.

She entered a baby store trying not to pant obviously for the world to see “can I help you with anything?” a salesgirl asked, she could tell that Efe was in a hurry “yes please… I want a green dress, a beautiful green dress” Efe replied pointing at the rack with baby dresses. “Okay, let me help you get it… please have a seat”

Efe was tempted to sit down but the remaining time she had wouldn’t let her do so; so she followed the sales girl to the racks and joined her to search, the sales girl pulled out a beautiful green dress and Efe paid for it quickly. She also added a few things to her purchase, things like diapers and baby food.

It was quarter to eight and she was stuck in a mini traffic driving out of the parking lot of the shopping mall “shit!” she exclaimed tapping the steering wheel continuously.

She drove as fast as she could but did her best not to be reckless; the last thing she wanted was to be confined to a hospital bed at this time in her life. Biola has depended on her heavily in the past year and she didn’t want to let her friend down.

Finally, she arrived… she arrived home when it was past 8:00 pm “am I too late?” Efe asked as she entered the semi dark room and Biola looked up with a smile “no, she is still awake” rocking a baby carriage. A baby carriage that had Biola’s baby girl in it. Biola survived the gunshot wounds and so did the baby in her tummy.

Efe walked towards the carriage “hi Egundoyin, happy six months’ birthday” she turned to Biola “I know that we agreed to celebrate her six months birthday together but work was crazy today. I am very sorry” “it’s okay… I understand and congrats on your article going viral” Biola replied. Since the birth of her daughter Egundoyin, it was hard to upset her.

“I got her a dress” Efe revealed the green dress she bought for Egundoyin “it’s beautiful… thank you very much. Thank you for everything you have done for Egundoyin and me… I don’t know how I will show you appreciation” Biola was very grateful to her friend.

“Well I know how you can show me gratitude” Efe replied with a smirk on her face “I’m listening” “remember when you said that you will start leaving the house when Egundoyin becomes six months old” “I said that?” Biola asked with a mischievous look “you know” Efe replied

“I know, okay okay okay. Everything is perfect as it is now. Why do we need to change it?” “Because it is not normal for a person to stay indoors for one year straight… you haven’t even taken a walk on this street. Do you even know the colour of this house?” “Sky blue?” Efe laughed “you don’t know the colour of the house you have stayed in for the past one year… it’s sad”

Ever since Biola survived the shooting incident, the fear of President Kenneth’s wife finding out that she was still alive and taking another shot at her kept her indoors. “She thinks you are dead and so does Kenneth” Efe reassured her friend when she noticed fear resurface its ugly head.

“Okay, I know that I promised to start leaving the house when Egundoyin becomes six months old and I will keep my promise but I won’t do anything crazy. I will start by taking a walk in the neighbourhood” “that is okay for me”.

The next day, when Efe had gone to work Biola decided to fulfil her promise to her friend. She felt that most people in the neighbourhood would have either gone to work or school, so the place would be practically empty.

“I am coming… I will be back in five minutes” she said to the nanny, who was surprised to see her leave the house. Biola left the house and the moment the sun hit her face, she felt as if she had been a hostage for years.

She smiled at herself and walked with joy, she was happier than she thought she was going to be leaving the house “excuse me” a voice caught her attention. It was a man “you live here?” “yes” she replied forgetting the smile on her face which the man took as an invitation for a conversation.

Biola wanted to dismiss him but she just allowed him, it had been a long time since she was in the company of a man “where‘s is your house?” she asked him and he pointed at the house next to hers “I see that we are neighbours” Biola said.

They talked for about an hour when the man invited her into his house for a drink and she accepted. After a glass of wine and fifteen more minutes of conversation, Biola was ready to go but the man didn’t let her.

“You have to give me a kiss before you leave” he said with a smile but Biola pushed him out of her way and headed towards the door but it was locked. “Please open the door” but the man answered her with a deadly slap that sent her to the floor.

“Don’t struggle… it will be quick and painless” he said pulling her towards him and tearing her shirt open. She wanted to struggle but she knew that her strength wasn’t a match for his and she didn’t want to do anything that will make him kill her. She had a child to take care of. The man raped Biola in his house and she let him do it without a fight.

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