Presentation Day

Presentation Day (Episode 21): Policemen Can’t Do It


“Search the building now, nothing goes in and nothing goes out until everywhere is searched thoroughly… the killer is not far yet” Inspector Dauda commanded three other policemen with him. They rallied and divided themselves to search different parts of the building.

“Sir, I found something” one of the policemen called the Inspector “what is it Linus?” he said walking towards it with the other policemen. It was a phone, Tony’s phone. While trying to escape the police, his phone fell out of his pocket and down the stairs… there was no time to retrieve it. “The person who did this is certainly not far from here, put the phone here, and go search the rooftop while I search the basement” he commanded, Linus obeyed and so did the other policemen.

Linus had never been put on a case so brutal before; the highest he had done was address a case of two brothers fighting but seeing two bodies brutally murdered on the floor of a luxurious office building was something he knew would change his life forever.

Linus heard a sound that startled him so much that he shot at what turned out to be a chair; he brazed himself up and kept on moving until he got to a door that led to the rooftop. 

He pushed it gently, making sure that his gun preceded him “is anybody here?!” he shouted but there was no answer “if you are here, show yourself and you will be allowed to live” he continued talking until he heard the door slam shut behind him. It scared the hell out of him but he decided to keep searching.

It was a massive rooftop and walking from one part to another felt like a journey especially since he was trying to as careful and mindful as possible; he finally reached a very dark corner, it was a section between a massive generator and the wall. Just as he stuck his head in to scan the place, a hand pulled him in and stripped him of his gun. It was Tony.

“Please don’t kill me, I have a family… I will do anything” Linus begged “are you sure you will do anything?” Tony asked ready to shoot him in the head “I will do anything you ask of me… want me to go and tell them that nothing is here? I will do that but please don’t kill me”. Tony lowered the gun and took a moment to thinking “the longer I stay here the more they will think that something is wrong and come here” “shut up and let me think” Tony howled.

After a long moment of contemplating, Tony decided to let Linus go; he gave him back his gun without the bullets “if you fuck up, I will kill you… no matter what it takes, even if I die… I will make sure you are dead first” from the look on Tony’s face, he knew that he was not making empty threats. “I won’t” Linus replied.

Linus ran out of there as fast as he could and down the stairs like something was chasing him “Linus” Inspector Dauda met him at the stairs “did you find anything up there?” “no sir… there is no one up there” he replied doing all he could to compote himself.

“Okay then, let’s go… perhaps he is outside the vicinity” Inspector Dauda speculated and Linus agreed, walking behind him in a massive hurry. For the first time in his career, he joined the league of policemen found wanting.

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