Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News ( 133): The Gains Of EndSARS Protests

Egbon: Ah, e too pain me say all these Omoita no allow this EndSARS protests end well o, only because say some people give them small change, them con quench the fire wey suppose bring better change for everybody for this country, na wa o

Mazi: Nna e the thing pain me too, but wetin be the meaning of Omoita abi wetin you call am self

Egbon: Naa Omoita i call am, and e mean say all these hoodlums, the thugs dem wey later hijack the EndSARS protests no do well at all, but still, I no too feel sad sake of say the protests get some result

Mazi: As for me o, I no see any tangible gain wey this protest get like this o, the only news wey i dey read and dey hear naa say hoodlums do this, hoodlums do that… ( cut in

Egbon: See ehn, say you no see the gain no mean say others no see am, and make i tell you, no be only hoodlums dey the news, i don dey read about different gain wey the protests bring for some states for this our country and even more gains go still follow

Mazi: At least i get right to say wetin dey my mind, i say i no see something, you dey tell me another tory, if you wan make i believe you say gains dey, you suppose don mention like 2 or 3 now

Egbon: Even person wey get eye problem see say gain dey for this protests ( cut in…

Mazi: Abeg abeg, naa that one i no wan hear o, which one be say person wey get eye problem, which kind talk be that one, mention the gains no dey beat around bush

Egbon: No too worry yourself, i go yan you, number one gain wey be say naa em self be the one wey sweet my belle pass naa say Nigerian youths fit come together con chuk mouth for one matter like this without thinking of say either some naa Christian or Muslim abi say some people naa Hausa, Igbo abi keh Yoruba

Mazi: Eh, naa true you talk, me self notice that one but i no too count am as gain o, because i feel say we don waka pass that era of religion or ethnicity for our country here

Egbon: Well, e no too bad if you no count that one as gain, but me o, i count am as one big achievement wey fit lay the foundation for Naija youths to come together to build the country

Mazi: That one too dey, apart from that one wey you mention now, wetin be other gains for the protests

Egbon: I fit list many other gains for you but make i just mention like two more

Mazi: Ok, i dey hear you 

Egbon: Another gain wey dey these protests naa say IGP and Bubu announce am ontop National Tv say dem don dissolve SARS and if you check am well, you go see say the ban wey dem be dey announce before before, naa only IGP dey announce am, but now Presido con chuk mouth put, that one no be gain?

Mazi: Hmmmm, naa true you talk o, that 2017, 2018 and 2019 own, President no chuk mouth put true true o, but wait first make i ask you something

Egbon: I dey hear you, ask me any question, i full ground

Mazi: Ok, so after the IGP announce say dem don ban SARS con form another unit wey dem call SWAT, why people con dey complain then say them no want SWAT too

Egbon: Ori e pe, naa better question you ask, the reason naa say, change of name abi uniform no be wetin EndSARS people dey fight for, dem say dem no want make police dey harass people for road again, abi make dem dey kill people anyhow, naa dem reason be that

Mazi: But the IGP announce am say, dem don ban SARS, shey the SWAT people go still dey harass citizens, cuz i no understand again o

Egbon: E possible make dem still dey harass people o, if government no do wetin dem suppose do

Mazi: Naa wetin dem suppose do o

Egbon: You see all these police people dem, the IGP and the government suppose retrain dem, con do psychological check-up for dem and punish any police officer wey dey do anyhow

Mazi: Ohhhh, naa now i dey understand these things like this o, e no too clear before, but wait still o, i still wan make you tell me one more gain of the EndSARS protests o

Egbon: I tell you say i full ground, even if you want make i mention 10 more gains, i go mention am, but make i just add one more, shey you know say, many state government don set up judicial committee to punish all the police people wey dey do anyhow

Mazi: That one make sense o, if the committee go fit do the work well, e go change many things for our police force for this country o

Egbon: Ko tan sibe o, e never finish o, the committee go con siddon touch light all the people wey police don kill dem familiy member and con give dem compensation if dem finish investigation ontop their case

Mazi: Ahhhh. true true, the EndSARS get gain, but one thing wey me I no understand again, naa how some people dey complain ontop the Speech wey Bubu give concerning the protests, why people dey complain again

Egbon: I don talk am before say, you no get human feeling at all, why people no go complain o, shey that one naa speech

Mazi: Abeg, wetin e con be if no be speech, shey naa speechless e be

Egbon: No be speechless o, but the speech make many people speechless because no be wetin many of us dey expect dey inside wetin Bubu talk o

Mazi: Wetin Bubu wan do to satisfy people for this country self, people dey complain say him no talk since, him con come out talk, people still dey complain ontop the talk, why now

Egbon: Why people no go complain, he even better make him no talk instead of the one wey him talk that dey, imagine, Bubu no even mention the people wey die for that Lekki Tollgate, that one naa speech

Mazi: But at least, i hear am for news say before him do the speech, him do meeting with all the security oga dem, maybe dem never finish investigation ontop the matter

Egbon: Naa him no fit make a whole President sympathise with people wey lose their family members and friends for the place, abi wetin you dey talk self

Mazi: At least, no be me be Bubu abi Femi Adesina wey help him write the speech, which one con be my own wey you dey face now

Egbon: I know say no be you write the speech, but if something no follow, we suppose gather talk say e no follow, no be to con dey defend wetin no-follow

Mazi: Tor, i don join you talk am say e no follow o, but i believe say dem go still touchlight the tollgate matter

Egbon: You no see as dem destroy Tinubu property for lagos state, him TV station, TVC plus him Newspaper company, The Nation, naa him some people burn o

Mazi: I see am o, the thing do my body wan kain o, but some people wicked o, see how dem burn the building, con burn many cars join, but maka why

Egbon: According to wetin i hear o, dem talk say Tinubu get hand inside the shooting wey happen for Lekki Tollgate, naa why some people con gather go burn him property too

Mazi: I hear am too but him don deny the allegation now, na wa o, i even see how dem burn Sanwoolu family house too and many police station plus other people property join

Egbon: Naso we see am o, ki olorun saanu wa ni o, i even hear say dem discover the house where dem keep COVID-19 palliative for Lagos, people con thief am

Mazi: Me self read am for news but i no agree say them thief am o, at least naa dem suppose get am if the people wey dey in charge distribute am since all these month, some people even discover the warehouse for Osun, calabar and even for Oyo

Egbon: Nawa o, all these leaders no try o, and people dey complain during that lockdown say dem no see something chop, anyways, God dey sha, i wan dey go, we go talk later now, take care

Mazi: Ok, no wahala, bye 

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