MindTalk Intro, Hello EveryEvery!

Hello beautiful people, welcome to MindTalks with Imma on EveryEveryng. Yeah yeah! You heard write we have a new landlord..

Podcast Intro 

Knock knock knock! Is anybody home??

Hello beautiful people, welcome to MindTalks with Imma on EveryEveryng. Yeah yeah! You heard write we have a new landlord. I had intended to make this announcement earlier but then I’ve been trying to fix up some things. So, ladies and gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Young and Old!  Make some noise for EveryEveryng! I just got on board with EveryEvery and this is my first podcast with them.

No! This isn’t my first podcast. I’ve been podcasting for a year now On MindTalks with Imma across different podcast platforms until EveryEvery happened. So yeah! This will be air new space from now henceforth.

Briefly about EveryEveryng; EveryEvery is a Nigerian blog here we keep you updated with unlimited Nigeria trends. Every gist you’re looking for is on EveryEvery spamming through lifestyle, sports, celebrity gist, entertainment and of course you already know podcasting. 

We are available on Facebook @everyeveryng no underscore, on Instagram @everyevery_ng, on Twitter @everyevery_ng and on YouTube @everyeveryng so if you’ve been worried about missing out on trends and news. Here my darling you have a solution to your problem.

Here on MindTalks with Imma. I will be your host and my name is Ojeh Immaculata Ifunanya. I’m a medical laboratory scientist first then I’m a content creator and this content includes podcasting and telling stories. Wait! Have you read about my story on “Corporate Beggar” yet? You really should. So, on here you’re going to be reading my stories which is basically gist and hearing my voice on podcast days.

MindTalks with Imma is my personal journal. It’s like my audio diary. I have a running mind so on here I will let you hear my thoughts. I will share real-life experiences with you, could be mine, could be yours, it could be from anybody or anything. Together, we are going to get a story & a lesson out of it. 

So as usual, if you’ve been following MindTalks with Imma, you will know that this place is always a safe space for everybody. Where you can share your experiences and opinions without been judged. And also let me assure you that whatever you share with me will be treated with utmost respect and privacy while keeping you anonymous.

MindTalks with Imma is for people of all tribes and color. It’s for young people like me who are still trying to figure life out, it’s for Gen X the older people who have seen life and still seeing life; who have come to share their experiences and impact knowledge.

It’s also for Gen Z the younger people who need clarity between enjoying their life and ruining their life. MindTalks with Imma is for you that have come to blow off steam and get your mind off life stress. There’s a lot going on in the world and living in Nigeria doesn’t make it easy. Sit right back because we’re all going to have fun. 

As you’ve observed, today’s episode is basically an intro. Introducing you to my new family and telling you what to expect. Next week Friday! Yeah MindTalks is a TGIF show. So, we air on Fridays @ 6 pm. Therefore, once it’s Friday and it’s 6 pm find your way to everyevery.ng to come and have fun.

Thank you very much for your audience. You can find me on Instagram @imma_ojeh, feel free to say hello. Do well to follow all our platforms for EveryEvery.

So, until next time, Remember… In the world where you can be anything… Please be KIND. See ya! 

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