Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (311): Abba Kyari Makes U-Turn

Abba Kyari

Egbon: Laugh, kai, this country na cruize walahi, everytime, person go just dey see different different tory wey look like comedy

Mazi: No be lie o, so tey plenty comedians con dey catch out left and right, dey buy Benz, build house, e look like say Comedy na the way to go o

Egbon: This wan even senior the kain comedy wey Basketmouth, Bovi and AY dem dey do o, con see the thing wey this man do wey dey make me laugh like say dem press my mumu botton

Mazi: Hmm, me self dey suspect this your laughter o, wetin the man do?

Egbon: Dem say EFCC catch the man say him dey disguise like say naa EFCC official him be, con collect 38 million naira from some Yahoo Boys say the money na make EFCC no fit arrest dem

Mazi: Ahh, this wan reach to laugh o, kai, na him matter dem suppose dey call scammer dey scam scammer….. I even hear say Abba Kyari show face ontop facebook, post one video, con later delete am

Egbon: I no just understand this Abba Kyari o, e just look like say him never see say him do something wey dey very shameful, him still get mind to dey post something ontop facebook

Mazi: Well, if you ask me, Abba Kyari no overdo o (cut in…

Abba Kyari Makes U-Turn

Egbon: Ohhh, i no no say you don change your name to Mazi Kyari now o, Abba Kyari brother, him no overdo, explain well make i hear you o

Mazi: Na you know where you see Mazi Kyari, My name never change from Mazi Eshie, the reason why i talk say Abba Kyari no overdo na say, na allegation dem carry put for him head, dem never confirm say him dey guilty

Femi Adesina Describes Nigerians As Ingrates

Egbon: No be so dem go do do so tey forget the investigation until another wan happen again

Mazi: Ehn, if the panel for Naija forget the investigation, FBI no fit forget now, so make we wait until FBI confirm say him dey guilty…… Egbon, you don hear the thing wey Femi Adesina talk?

Egbon: Wetin him talk again wey wan pass the one wey him don dey talk before, no be so him dey defend Bubu government up and down

Mazi: Make i shock you, Adesina talk pass the one wey him dey talk before, him talk say Naija people no sabi show appreciation, say na ingrate dem be

Egbon: Shuuu, for him mouth, na him family people be ingrate, wetin their government do wey we suppose dey grateful for, we suppose thank dem say dem bring suffer head abi sake of say plenty people no see job do

Cr7 To Join Manchester City

Pidgin News (311): Abba Kyari Makes U-Turn

Mazi: According to the thing wey i read, him talk say if Naija people reason security matter well, dem go discover say bomb blast no dey the wey e be under Jonathan government

Egbon: Abeg, make we check another tory jare, dem say Ronaldo don talk say him wan commot Juventus go join Man City, Man U Fans con dey vex say him no try

Mazi: No be him choice, why dem go say him no try, for me o, i like that guy wey, him no tie himself for one place

Egbon: Yes o and na better player him be, make him go collect him Mulla for city too

Mazi: You no lie, Ego dey very important…… Chai, con check how this man just use him own hand kill himself, dem say him rub super glue for him cucumber, naso the thing kill am o

Egbon: Ehn ehn, why him go do that kain thing now?

Mazi: Dem say him and him girfirnd go one hotel for India and dem no carry condom, naso the guy con say him wan seal him cucumber sake of say him no want make him girfirnd get belle

Egbon: Nothing wey person no go see for this life o, make i con dey go jare, later

Mazi: Ok now, take care

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