Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (300): Fresh War Against BBNaija

War Against BBNaija

Mazi: Na wa oh, dem say Yar’Adua son kill four people for Yola, Adamawa State, dem even don carry ham go court self and court talk say (cut in..

Egbon: Court talk say wetin, you dey there when him kill the people, you con dey talk like say na your korokoro eyes you take see when him kill the people

Mazi: No be why we dey read Newspaper be that, i no dey where the thing happen, but Newspaper wey gather the News report the thing and i dey gist you, you con dey ask me whether i dey there, no be the News dey inside paper so

Egbon: Ohhh, i no know say na from inside paper you dey read am

Mazi: How you go know, when you no go calm down hear the thing wey person dey talk, na Newspaper carry the news and na from there i read am give you, dem say court talk say make dem go put am inside jail, make dem fit gather evidence well

Egbon: But wait o, how him take kill those people, him carry gun shoot dem

War Against BBNaija

Mazi: No be gun, dem say na motor him take hit dem, say him too run, con even injure two other people

Egbon: Kai, that one na serious palava o, na why e no good make person dey Overspeed be that, him just waste the life of those people like that….. You don hear the thing wey Northern Youths talk ontop BBNaija matter?

Mazi: I never hear am o, abeg gist me, wetin dem talk?

Egbon: Dem talk say make federal government no waste time to ban the BBnaija show, say the show na calamity, because say e dey show how people dey sleep with themselves

Mazi: Well, my own take if you ask me na say, no be by force to watch BBnaija if you know say e no follow wetin you believe, also, the people wey dey organise am don already talk say na people wey their age be 18 years and above fit watch am

New COVID-19 Virus

Egbon: Yes o, you see most people for this country, na Hypocrisy dey worry dem, dem no go talk ontop the thing wey dem suppose chuk mouth put, instead dem go dey chase shadow

Mazi: My own be say, government no need to ban the show, na everybody get choice to watch or not to watch, no be by fire by force, make dem rest abeg

Egbon: No mind dem o, Abba Kyari matter dey there, dem no talk, bandits dey pai innocent people dem no talk, na BBNaija matter dey give dem headache

Mazi: Nna ehn, e look like say this COVID-19 palava na Season film o, e no wan end, one Chinese scientist don talk say e look like say another COVID-19 wey dey kill people fast fast go soon show face again o

Woman commits suicide In Edo

Pidgin News (300): War Against Bbnaija
Woman commits suicide in Edo.

Egbon: Ah ah, which kain talk be that, this one wey dey ground, we still dey try see how to make sure say e no pass like this… e look like say the person wey talk this thing no know the number of people wey don pai because of this COVID-19 

Mazi: The best thing na say make everybody no loose guard, make we dey do the things wey no go make the virus touch us….. Egbon, true true things get as e be for this country o

Egbon: My brother, we no need bend mouth, things hard for plenty people now

Mazi: Kai, make God help us o, con see this woman wey commit suicide for Edo State

Egbon: Hmmm, na wa oh, make Baba God dey help us o

Mazi: Amen o, and anybody wey get the capability, make the person help other people, make i con dey go, we go see later

Egbon: No wahala now

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