Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (310): Channels TV on Fire

Channels TV On Fire

Mazi: Make we no lie, big name better pass riches, we suppose realise say no be everything be money fit buy

Egbon: Ahh, na Mazi dey talk abi na another person, you wey like money pass anything, you wan dey give me bobo, see, i no dey drink, even if na cold one you carry come

Mazi: Who dey Bobo you, i dey try tell you something wey dey important, you bin think say na Joking matter and instead make you ask me why i talk the thing wey i talk, you dey talk say i like money, who no like money?

Egbon: No vex, abeg, why you talk the thing o, make e no be like say i no allow you talk the thing wey dey your mind

Mazi: Well, na before before Presido, Jonathan matter make me talk say better name better pass riches o, people just dey honour that man everywhere, even outside Naija

Egbon: Hmmmm, well, your talk no miss road at all, you talk am well, the thing wey him do during that 2015 elections still dey ring for people head

Mazi: No be lie o, i hear say dem just make am Vice Chancellor for one University for Uganda

Egbon: Congratulations to the man wey sabi, him way no be like some people own, imagine the things wey dey happen to media houses for Naija, i remmeber how plenty people bad mouth Jonathan when him be presido and him no even use him power to harrass them

Mazi: Nna ehn, na this your talk show say people no dey appreciate the thing wey dem get until the thing commot for their hand, i hear say Channels Tv dey hear am now now

Channels TV On Fire

Egbon: No be lie o, dem say Channels Tv allow make Benue Governor, Samuel Ortom talk anyhow, even abuse buhari, na so NBC vex wan carry hammer knack their head o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, freedom of information no dey again?

Pidgin News (310): Channels Tv On Fire
Goodluck Jonathan.

Egbon: Na as you dey wonder me self dey wonder wonder o, if dem fit suspend Twitter, ban protest, you con think say dem no go fit punish Channels Tv

Mazi: This wan get as e be o, naso dem say make Arise Tv pay fine that time wey dem report EndSARS protests, e look like say this government wan put padlock for the mouth of media houses here o

Egbon: No be small padlock o, dem even talk say DSS go carry two Channels TV presenters ontop the thing wey Ortom talk about Bubu, imagine the thing wey this country dey turn to small small

Boko Haram Members Surrenders

Mazi: Ah, e no follow o, make we see how dem go handle the matter now

Egbon: This government just dey do anyhow, imagine how Boko Haram members dey surrender and return to the society like say nothing happen, and some politicians say make dem forgive dem

Mazi: Another people don surrender?

Egbon: Naso i hear o, dem say na like 100 of dem say dem no wan join Boko Haram again, say dem don repent.

Mazi: Make Baba God help us for this country o

Egbon: Amen o, because e look like say na only him hand our hope dey like this

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