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an you believe that? The year just started a while back, and we are already counting down to the end of the year. God has been faithful. We’ve been here, surviving; it hasn’t been easy, but we’ve been pushing it. So, hurray to us, we are winning.

In Nigeria, big weddings are better understood by a Yoruba person or an Igbo person who is a social butterfly. These are the two tribes that can describe better what they need over 700 guests for.

In today’s episode, it’s going to be about answers from a love poll I took. Some time ago, I put up a poll asking people’s opinions on women proposing to men. And I got a lot of hilarious answers. Some were eye-opening answers, some were like dropping hints or, you know, saying what to do, but they were also lovely. It was like a survey, and the results were awe-inspiring. I would say I was a bit fascinated; it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Love languages apply to friendships too, yea, but I’m talking today about relationships. People who are in a relationship, you know, so it’s exclusive to just two people, between two people.

Today is 25th June 2021. And on today’s episode, we’re going to be celebrating our fathers. On Sunday, that is 20th June; we had a world explosive Father’s Day. And I think this is the biggest I’ve ever experienced it because there were no banter and no trolls. I read tweets where some guys were saying ‘oh, so men are not scum, and you people have excellent fathers like this, but when there’s an outburst or someone bitter makes an up story, then it’s as if all the men in the world are deadbeat humans.’

You guys can tell I’m excited. Monday is a public holiday. The new day for Democracy day is now June 12. So, since it fell on Saturday, an official day to mark it has been set for Monday. Wawu! So, it’s going to be a long weekend and people will turn up to work on Tuesday looking like drunks and tired, and asking if they really need to keep the job.

Hello beautiful people, welcome to MindTalks with Imma on EveryEveryng. Yeah yeah! You heard write we have a new landlord. I had intended to make this announcement earlier but then I’ve been trying to fix up some things.