Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (302): Dino Melaye Clarifies $31 Million Deal With Hushpuppi

Dino Melaye Clarifies $31 Million Deal

Mazi: Messi Messi, the footballer wey sabi, kai, e pain me say that guy commot Barcelona o, but, las las, no long thing, anything wey get beginning must to get end

Egbon: No be only you o, na since the time wey i don hear say him bin dey plan to go i don dey think say which club him go go next like this

Mazi: No be lie, him try for that Barcelona no be small, i read for inside one sport Newspaper say him don sign two years deal with PSG

Egbon: E make sense like that, make himself go try another club like him colleague, C Ronaldo….. Mazi, you hear say another virus wey dey pai people don land for West Africa?

Mazi: Ahh, which virus land again now, e look like say this virus no even want make people rest, dem just dey show face like say tomorrow no day, make dem rest, make the world fit get peace now

Egbon: I wonder o, dem say the name na Marburg virus, say e don pai one person fro Guinea where e first land for West Africa

Mazi: Make Baba God no allow the virus enter here o, i see one video ontop internet o, where Dino Melaye take chuk mouth put ontop say Hushpuppi help am wire $31 million before FBI catch am

Egbon: Ohhh, $31 million keh, that one no be small money if we change am to naira o, but wetin Dino Melaye con talk ontop the allegation?

Mazi: Hmm, the man say the money na audio o, say na bad belle people dey carry the rumour up and down, say some people even talk say FBI dey find am

Egbon: Ohhh, ehn no wahala now, make Dino Melaye no worry himself, him no need to accept or deny the news, make we wait see whether FBI go mention him name too, at least dem don mention Abba Kyari

Dino Melaye Clarifies $31 Million Deal

Mazi: E look like say the reason why people dey carry that rumour na sake of say Dino Melaye snap picture with Hushpuppi before Dubai ekele people arrest am

Egbon: Na why me self talk say make we cross leg dey watch the movie dey go…… Mazi, con see why i dey always talk say this government no dey serious to tackle Boko Haram

Mazi: No be now you don dey talk am, why you dey talk am again, anything don sup?

Egbon: This tory talk say na over 1,000 Boko Haram terrorists plus their family members talk say dem don repent for Borno state, con beg Naija people say make dem forgive dem, say dem no wan dey kill people again

Mazi: Hmmm, but, that wan na better something now, at least the killing go reduce

Egbon: See the thing wey you dey talk for mouth, so wetin go con happen to the people wey dem don waste their lives, the women wey dem don turn to widow, the pikin wey don become fatherless sake of the evil things wey the Boko Haram people don do

Mazi: Well, no be say i dey support say the thing wey dem do good, but, if you look am the other way too, e go make sense as dem wan (cut in…

Cleric Allegedly snatched Member’s Wife

Pidgin News (302): Dino Melaye Clarifies $31 Million Deal With Hushpuppi

Egbon: Which yeye sense, so, government go con later do graduation for dem, con even dey pay dem money, after dem don waste plenty people lives, if this government mean business, dem suppose gather dem waste their lives too, make e be 50/50

Mazi: Na sense government fit take win these people no be force…. wait o, which kain level be this, this man talk say him Pastor collect him wife of 12 years, con even talk say the woman don born two pikin for am o before the Pastor collect the woman 

Egbon: Laugh… na why oyinbo talk say wonder shall never end be this, the Pastor no get him own wife?

Mazi: The man talk say the Pastor tell am say na God talk say the woman na him wife, say na why him collect her con marry her be that

Egbon: Wo, this life don dey reach to end, we go see later

Mazi: No be small something o, take care

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