Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (301): Pastor Okotie Expose TB Joshua

TB Joshua

Egbon: Mazi 1, how business now, hope money dey enter as e suppose enter

Mazi: Hmmm, my brother, we thank Baba God o, money dey enter, but business cold small

Egbon: Naa everywhere o, money no too dey town like that, infact plenty people dey struggle to chop these days o

Mazi: No be small something o, wait… i hear say one group dey beg Osinbajo say make him contest, say na him dem want as Presido

Egbon: Well, the man dey capable, the only thing na say person no fit too predict all these politicians, person wey be good person today fit change character tomorrow

Chris Okotie Expose TB Joshua

Mazi: No be small change o, even the change wey APC promise us, we no know where dem keep both the original money plus the change

Egbon: Laugh, my brother, dem don chop money, chop change join, con clean mouth…… Shuuu, wetin TB Joshua do this Pastor Chris Okotie self, him don dey yab the man again, even after him don die

Mazi: I bin think say him don carry eye commot for TB Joshua matter, wetin him talk say the man do again?

Egbon: My brother, na ontop internet i see one video where Chris Okotie dey talk say TB Joshua wan make people see him as Jesus Christ, say na why him even bear the name Joshua, con call him Church Synagogue Church

Rochas Okorocha Forfeits Properties

Mazi: Shuuuu, which kain talk be this, TB Joshua wey be say him no even too carry church matter for head, him do everything to help the people wey poverty dey wire seriously when him bin dey alive, wetin dem wan make him do again

Egbon: You see ehn, this life, na as problem no dey finish, enemy self no dey finish, the best thing na say make Baba God dey use him bulletproof cover us

Mazi: Amin o, my own be say na Baba God get the perfect judgement for hand…..Con check this tory wey talk say Court don give order say make Imo State government collect Rochas Okorocha properties

Egbon: Ehn ehn, that wan full mouth o, no be small beef dey between this Hope Uzodinma and Rochas o, i bin even think say dem don settle the matter 

Mazi: Dem never settle the thing o, the two of dem still dey drag the matter, dem even carry am go court… another News con talk say Okorocha say him wan build free Islamic University for Buhari hometown for Daura, Katsina state

Egbon: Hmmmm, Mazi, that man get plan, e look like say him wan contest for Presidency, this wan na political game, na how many school him don build for him state, wey him wan go build free University for another man state

FBI Palava

Mazi: If na that wan, him try for Education matter through him Rochas Okorocha Foundation o

Pidgin News (301): Pastor Okotie Expose Tb Joshua

Egbon: E make sense like that….but, las las nothing good like say make person work hard make money through clean way o, see as EFCC burst these people bubble just like that

Mazi: I dey tell you, Fraud no be better somthing, but, wetin these people do

Egbon: I hear say na EFCC arrest dem, court con give order say make dem carry money wey reach 200 million naira give federal government, plus expensive houses and cars wey their money reach like 260 million naira give federal government


Mazi: Kai, the money heavy for ear o, these people wey dey do fraud no try o, dem just dey spoil Naija name, imagine, e get one news wey talk say Ghana people fit enter Dubai without passport, but that wan no fit happen to Naija people, because na almost everybody dey suspect us, sake of fraud palava

Egbon: No be small damage dem dey cause o….come o, dem say two herbalists collabo kill one man wey go meet dem say him wan do money ritual, dem con take him body do ritual for themselves, even sale him heart for 15k

Mazi: Ahhh, that wan na sign say wickedness full everywhere, abeg, make i con dey go

Egbon: Wickedness everywhere you go, we go see later

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