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His country has highest number of imams and pastors as marriage counsellors yet has the highest incidence of divorce.

Truth is Sacrosanct, Truth is Bitter, Even if it makes me fall We all want something sweeter Truth is bitter Cover with lies Hmm! It’s only for a short while as

What do you think they want to try? Gold, myrrh, and frankincense at its best A season to shine like a Christmas light and its tree, Yuletide

Oh my dear mother! Mother of four wonderful boys Boys brought up by a Proverbs thirty-one woman Woman worth more…

All things bright and beautiful in his time If you force it then it’s a crime Pain, struggles, and sorrows all gone in a flick His time or

Oh, my home! Where will I pitch my tent? Oil tanker razed my place of rent The land is hot…

I’m set apartThey all want me in but I’ll never be partEven if it takes me to departI’ll never walk…

Our Nile has refused to open and we are tired. Promise-and-fail have burnt our dear hearts. The land flowing with milk and honey now shed blood. It’ll get better they say but is it getting harder. We are cajoled into seeing another coming Messiah. Who knows if Nigeria will ever be healed?

The crab walks haphazardly,It’s out of its comfort zoneUntil it has an oil wellThat even man wants to haveSo why…

From my heart to you
I mean from the kingdom you love to rule
You are the only one my lips want to woo
I mean the only fish my line wants to hook

If only all eyes could see
When darkness replaces the light
When galaxies refuses to show up
And the government of the night staged a coup

As snail to its shellI’ve followed you everywhereYou are the tollIn which my albumen revolved What is a mile?With you,…

Whenever you are tempted
To describe yourself as the “King of Queens”,
Remember that you are leaving a vacuum.

Hey brother! Why make me always sober When will you ever stop this murder And mop the drops of blood…

A, B, or C? Huh! Let’s see D to Z I might be lucky before the last Alpha or beta?…