POETRY: From My Heart To You

From my heart to you
I mean from the kingdom you love to rule
You are the only one my lips want to woo
I mean the only fish my line wants to hook

You are the only chapter in my book
With the glossary ‘my-baby-boo’
Martial arts, taekwondo and even kung-fu
All for your guide coz my heart says I do

For our French kiss, I’ll say bon jour
I’ll stay with you till they say its voodoo
Your memory is drawn on my head as a tattoo
Wiping it off would be more than a taboo

For your love I’m a tycoon
Can’t stop buying this smile you blow as a balloon
When I met you my heart becomes times two
The only one that make my ‘Mr.’ a real title

Draw my beards as we go into a battle
Victorious song we shall sing when our baby lay in a cradle
Letter from my heart to you burns as a candle
Without you there’s nothing I can do.

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