Coronavirus, We Will Not Say This Bye-Bye

Coronavirus invaded our world, and we began to say bye-bye to all of the things we love. It started by telling us that when we want to greet, it has to be through Bluetooth, we began to airdrop pleasantries to ourselves.

It later grew to the point that we were told not even to see ourselves at all, we were told to hide in our homes under the name, “lockdown”. Some of us were able to say bye-bye to those who meant something to them, while some did not have that pleasure.


We were asked to kiss our sources of income goodbye; we did with tears in our eyes. There was no choice left for us to look back.

With pains in our hearts and tears dripping down, we waved at them all, believing that if we scale through this, the bye-bye would have been temporal after all.

As we were getting healed from these pains and acting as if all was well, we were told to come and say a permanent bye-bye to those who we have housed in our hearts for so long.

We were told, they will not make it, Coronavirus has taken over, it has eaten all they have, and now we have to let them go having our faces as the last they would see.

How did we get here? The United Kingdom Health Secretary, Mr Matt Hancock said close family members of dying Coronavirus victims would be able to see them and say goodbye, but we don’t want to.

Au Revoir/ Bye-Bye
Au revoir/ Bye-Bye

We want to have them back in our arms; we want them to breath with ease again. We want them to walk back home on their feet.

Recently, 13 years old Ismail Mohanned Abdulwahab from Broxton South London died of Coronavirus; he died alone. His family members were also unable to attend his funeral because they were self-isolating.

That is more than painful; it is cruel and wicked for Coronavirus to do this to us. It separated us before we die, and after death we are still separated.

We will not say this bye-bye, we will not work according to your dictates. We will not be separated. We will remain steadfast to fight against you.

Our resolve is to snatch as many of our loved ones as we can away from your grip. Defeating you is our determination, and there is no going back.

We will not say this bye-bye.

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