Hey brother!

Why make me always sober

When will you ever stop this murder

And mop the drops of blood leading to Golgotha

I believe in us together

Will you still continue to she’d blood my brother?

Hey brother!

Why make my heart beat faster

Nowhere is safe, not even the skyscrapers

No life is safe, not even that of a thousand soldiers

I’m now scared of my brother

Huh! Will you continue to watch on our leaders?

Hey brother!

Why make this life tougher

For your cattle rates are higher than our farmers

And what is all this fuss about RUGA

This is not how we used to live, remember

Will you still turn deaf ears, my brother?

Hey brother!

What is good for the geese is good for the gander

Everyone has the right to live, not to murder

Blood in the land is thick, and that from my pen is thicker

It can’t continue to be like this brother

Please find a solution now or never!

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