A Book Review: Anxiety and Things that Shatter

Anxiety and Things that Shatter is a collection of poetry e-book written by a young Nigerian poet Samuel Adeyemi. It was published in 2019 by Smashwords publisher. The poems featured in this collection are a mix of traditional and spoken word poetry, all selected carefully from 2017-2019. The book has 103 pages divided into three sections of 20 topics each.

The three sections of the book Anxiety and Things that Shatter are titled ‘Anxiety’, ‘Shatter’, and ‘Rehab’. Anxiety comprises of topics such as Accusations, Dead Fires, Voids, Dreams/Reality, Voice, Flowers, Torture Room, and so on. Shatter has also comprised of topics such as Pain, Departure, Shadows, Suicide, Seraphs, Self-worth, Drown, Chandeliers, Paper boat and so on. The third part, Rehab has topics such as Death, Days, Burdens, Disdain, Miracle, Sinner, Mirror, Saving a Friend from suicide, Prayer and many more.

The poetry collection which is about an endless journey through anxiety, pain, and the process of healing is a masterpiece from the author, an undergraduate of English and Literary studies, Federal University Lokoja. The blurb reads:

’ my anxiety is a high fever without a host_ it floats above my head, like a halo drenched in gasoline, waiting for my tongue to strike the matchstick and set fire to the steps and wall of my mind’’

An excerpt from the long list of topics in this collection is ‘’Sinner’’. It goes thus:

‘’I was a little church;

You, an unbeliever.

I hid your sins within my walls and let my music possess you.

But every sermon never seemed to spawn a repentance,

So you departed the same way you came

Through the same door, behind the pews

Hesitant, obscure, ignorant’’

The poetry e-book can be downloaded through the link on the author’s social media platforms @samuelpoetry on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You just have to check this poetry master class out and you’ll be glad you did.

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