POETRY: Dear Mother

Oh my dear mother!

Mother of four wonderful boys

Boys brought up by a Proverbs thirty-one woman

Woman worth more than rubies or diamond

Diamond is less than the price you’ve paid to see us grow

Grow, glow and great; the three Gs of an epitome of beauty

Beauty of a brown skin woman, Her King’s charm

Charm that I’ve been searching for so as to get a revised edition of this work

Work that made my mother’s arm strong for her tasks

Tasks that supply merchants with sashes

Sashes sought for by Princes of Middle East

Middle East is the least in her supplies of valuables

Valuables she has passed unto us through wisdom

Wisdom far more than that of King Solomon in her tongue

Tongue is powerful, she always say

Say to your mother all praises she deserves

She deserves to be eulogized as your lordship

Your lordship that refers to you as my lord

My Lord, please help keep my dear mother

Dear mother, I need to refill my ink to continue in praising you

You deserve it till the ink fades away.

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