POETRY: Integrity

I’m set apart
They all want me in but I’ll never be part
Even if it takes me to depart
I’ll never walk on this path
Huh! They say honesty stuck on him as a pant
Hmm! I’m built with integrity as well as its spare parts.
Arise, my brothers, arise
The only honest and wise
Together we can be on this cause as a camel through a needle’s eye
Then stick to this virtue that will take us high
Oh! I see their feet are as cold as ice
Haha! We are unmoved even on slippery tiles.
‘Truth exalts a nation,’ I agree
If it is by grade, then we need a degree
You don’t need sex for this grade but your pedigree
Aargh! The other way leads to penury
Not leaving out total damnation for centuries
With all said, will you still doubt to keep your integrity?
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