2019 Yuletide: Christmas is Here

Once it gets cold and dry;

The stars match up at night

What do you think they want to try?

Hmm! To give the three wise men their sight

Jingle bell the new born king cries

All hail the savior and Christ.

The atmosphere is green and red;

Gold, myrrh and frankincense at its best

All in the manger has been fed;

Oh happy day to have such a feast

He was laid in sheep’s wool as a bed

Our shepherd, He is also our crest.

It’s the yuletide season,

My true love sends to me

Good tidings wrapped in crimson

Before the firecrackers becomes so mean,

Sound the alarm, He’s the reason for the season

Not just for a plate of sumptuous meal.

A season to shine as a Christmas light and its tree,

Flourishing day by day till His coming

What a life he has given us free,

Our joy is full, we cannot stop rejoicing

Cherubim, Seraphim and us makes it three

All hail the new born king we were chanting.


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