POETRY: What People Say

What people say

Talk is cheap and we can all buy;

Everyman with his thought want to try

We say, they say, people always say

One tries to pull another down all-day

Slanders, rumor mongers and all can’t be kept in bay

We want to run our mouth and we feel that’s okay.

The tongue is small but dangerous to the body;

Many have been slaughtered with its sword in gory

Man in his word want to share in His glory

Their intentions went on awry

Never let their talks kill you slowly

People will say and even add up to your story.

Word is life so we have to keep living;

Some to keep you off your feet and get you sliding

Move on from the past and stop reminiscing

Backbiters and backstabbers can’t stop planning

Use the negative words as a step to keep evolving

You have to move with life coz it keeps revolving.

People are quick to tag others with negativity;

Abuse in our society is a creativity

Who else cares about your personality?

Taking people down is our originality

Lo! We have to move on positively

But have you ever tried seeing what others say about you as a positivity?