The Nigerian man

The Nigerian man shouts at government to balance the budget yet takes his last kobo to make down payment for car.

He calls for speed limit laws yet won’t buy car that can’t go 240km/hr.

He shouts when money is spent on education yet unconcerned that Nigerians spent billions on cigarettes.

He ties his dog at home and allows his sixteen years son run wild.

He works hard on a farm so that he can move to the city where he can make more money to move back to the farm.

He runs day and night trying to keep his earning power at par with his yearning power.

He lives in the most religious nation on earth yet cannot deliver payroll without an armoured car for security reasons.

His country has highest number of imams and pastors as marriage counsellors yet has the highest incidence of divorce.

By Aliyu Nuhu

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