Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 31): Beautiful Alkali

They tried to wake Amin up but he didn’t wake up “Biola… I don’t think he is breathing” Efe said as they checked for a pulse and found none. “I think he is …dead” “no no no no No! he cannot die… look Efe if he dies, I will die with him tonight” Biola held the neckline of Efe’s nightdress in a very frantic manner, Efe saw how fearful Biola was and began to freak out as they did everything they could to wake Amin up but he didn’t move.

About ten minutes later Biola was about to go out for help when Amin woke up and began to throw up profusely, he threw up until there was nothing in his stomach “what the hell happened?” he asked when he saw the blood that was coming out of his head “we thought you were dead” Efe responded and Biola slapped him “what is wrong with you idiot… you tried to molest me” “I did?!” Amin had no recollection of what had happened “yes you did… you are lucky you did not succeed” Efe chimed in and continued “because the last person that did wished death upon himself”

“You were once raped?” Amin was horrified, he couldn’t believe he did what they were telling him and just as he was about to defend himself his memories rushed back to him faster than a roadrunner “oh my god!” he howled “I’m a monster!” he held his throbbing head in his hands while Biola and Efe sat on the bed watching him carefully “I was upset earlier… watching you about to get married to that old man…”

“Seyi is only 51 years old… but that’s not the point Amin, you were supposed to be one of the good guys” “I was… I am… I am really really sorry… I didn’t mean any of this” Amin struggled to get on his feet, dropped his car key on the bed “you guys should use the car home… I ll find my way” he said and staggered out of the room.

Amin was wretched by what he had done, he couldn’t believe he had such a monster living in him but then he decided to stay away from Biola because he came to the conclusion that the desperation in him to be with her was taking terrible control of his soul; so he went to school and didn’t come back for the rest of the year.

He visited his mother in her office, where he was sure he wouldn’t bump into Biola and never asked of her; even when his mother brought her up he shut the topic down as quickly as possible. He knew that he had blown any chance he had with Biola and watching her with someone else was harder than setting himself ablaze. Biola was not happy about the new arrangement, Amin was a very good friend to her and she missed him a lot but she let him be, at least for the time being.

Biola, who loved her job decided to focus on work, no love, no romance, no men in her life and it was perfect. She worked very hard often being the first to arrive and the last to leave, the only time she had to socialize was with Efe and it was fun Efe loved it especially when they went to the club together; the moment they stepped into the club they were instantly taken to the VIP area and given all kinds of free drinks from aspiring suitors Efe loved every minute of it and Biola just liked the fact that Efe was healthy and living her life again.

“Biola, MD wants to see you” Ijeoma announced as if she wasn’t talking to Biola but she was and Biola acted as if she didn’t hear until the MD came down himself to her desk “didn’t they tell you that I sent for you?” he said sharply “I had customer’s to attend to” Biola replied still sitting while every other person in the room was standing up out of respect for Mr Alkali “see me when you are done” he said “why?!” Biola’s question sent a silent gasp through the room “she has terrible guts” people thought.

Mr Alkali who saw that the road was leading to Biola embarrassing him in front of his subordinates summoned her to follow him immediately and the moment they entered his office and shut the door he began to yell at her for disrespecting him and she yelled back at him for disturbing her “I told you that I am not interested … why won’t you just leave me alone” she yelled “why… I’m crazy about you… I love you” Mr Alkali touched her face with solemn eyes and Biola burst into laughter when she heard what he said “you love me” she laughed harder and started towards the door but he stopped her and begged her to date him, at least go on one date with him.

Biola was not interested in him or any man but Alkali was a very persistent man even more persistent now that he was sure that she was single, she told him that she couldn’t go out with him because he was married “I’m divorced … my wife left me, I signed the divorce papers yesterday. I can show you tonight” Mr. Alkali jumped in and without letting her speak he kissed her and Biola let him. She didn’t know why but she did. Alkali was lying, Biola knew this but she gave him what he wanted so Alkali had won… or so he thought.

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