Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 32): Beautiful Union

Weeks passed by, Dome Alkali and Biola where now an item; he bragged to his friends about his latest conquest and basked in their jealousy. Things were going well until Biola paid him a surprise visit at home, his family home, where he lived with his wife and two children. He was lucky to have been the one to open the door that Saturday morning and the shock he felt when he saw Biola standing in front of him made him slam it in her face before re-opening it to make sure he didn’t see a ghost.

“What are you doing here?!” he retorted, Biola ignored his unpleased countenance and tried to hug and kiss him but he pushed her away and told her off, warning her to stay away from his house if she didn’t want his trouble then ordered the security guard to usher her out of his compound.

That Monday, when he went to work he used a different entrance in order to avoid Biola but there was no avoiding Biola because when he entered his office there was a large gift box and flowers on his desk from her; he opened the box and in it were marriage application papers, he quickly closed the box as if there was someone else in the room.

He summoned Biola to his office immediately “what’s the meaning of this?!” he threw the papers at her; she picked them up with a smile on her face “what’s the problem? You don’t want to marry me?” she reached for his face and he slapped her hand away “get a hold of yourself… I don’t know what game you are playing but all this has to stop” his eyes were red with anger “let me ask you something… why are we together?” the smile slowly faded from her face as Alkali couldn’t answer the question.

The silence in the room meant one thing “Biola, I buy you expensive gifts…I…I” “you buy me expensive gifts” Biola’s laughter interrupted him “you buy me expensive gifts…” she laughed harder and left the office when she was done. Later that day, she resigned.

The rest of the week was a breeze as Alkali was very relieved that Biola had resigned, so he decided to go back to his first office concubine Diana; as they frolicked around in his office his ringing phone kept interrupting them “who is blowing up your phone? All those stupid girls” Diana was jealous but she knew her place when it came to him

“It’s Biola… that girl is crazy” the moment Diana heard Biola’s name come out of Alkali’s mouth she jumped on her feet as if she was sitting on a hot pan “oh my god! Oh my god! Does she know about us?” the fear on Diana’s face was alarming “why didn’t you tell me you guys are together?” “We are not together” Alkali was confused “look I can’t afford to be on that girl’s radar, please don’t … don’t look for me, I am dead to you” she ran out of the office leaving him with the biggest confusion of his life “women…” he shook his head.

There was a knock on his door and it was his secretary, she dropped a box for him; when he opened the box and saw what was in it he became bothered to his bones. It was a hundred invitation cards inviting people to him and Biola’s wedding “come” he called his secretary via the intercom.

He asked her who dropped the box and she said it was a delivery man, and then she forced herself to tell him that everyone in the office also got one of the invitation cards. Alkali freaked out but he was able to control himself enough to tell her to retrieve the cards from everyone who got it “I’m going to pick my kids up from school, make sure you collect every single one” he commanded and left.

When he got to his children’s school they were nowhere to be found, the headmistress told him that his wife had picked them up with their pick up card; he thought nothing of it until he called his wife to confirm and she told him that she didn’t pick them up and so it dawned on him. “Biola” he whispered angrily.

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