Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 31): Beautiful Amin Two

Months went by and life was peaceful for Biola and everyone around her, she gradually started dating Seyi again with no sort of drama. Efe got an exclusive interview with the president on economic matters and got the promotion and respect she desired at work while Amin although doing very well in school went back to not having enough courage to tell Biola what he felt for her.

He was paralyzed by the fear of rejection. He thought that living with her would make it easy for him to make his move but it was the opposite because he was too close to her; he saw how she operated, how she rejected men every day, and how harshly she did most times.

At times he wondered if she did the same thing to Salim but he never asked her about it, in fact, nobody in the house talked about Salim; it was off-topic, a heavy topic they all avoided. One day, Amin decided to tell Biola how he felt damning all consequences and the fact that she was with Seyi.

It was seven in the morning, Amin had not gotten any sleep; he was up all night thinking and re-thinking the words he was going to use to make his great proclamation of love to Biola. He showered and got dressed as if he was going to an event and while waiting for Biola to wake up before asking her out on a date he got tired of waiting and went into her room to wake her up.

The moment he opened her door she opened her eyes and before she could get out a greeting Amin had lost control of his mouth, strolling away from his initial plan; he began to prophesy what he felt for Biola, giving a very long speech from the moment he laid his eyes on her to the time they became good friends and he realized how awesome she was.

Biola was very quiet the whole time he talked with no expression on her face he continued for about ten minutes straight before finally asking “Biola, will you go out with me tonight? We can go as slow as you want” he was sitting on the bed. Biola still looking sleepy sat up and said to him “Amin, I am engaged” she showed him a diamond ring on her ring finger, Amin was able to control the wave of emotions that would have made him burst into tears

“When did this happen?” he asked softly “last night… I was going to tell you this morning” her eyes widened “I thought you and Shirley were together?” she asked “is that why you got engaged? Because we aren’t together… she is not my girlfriend” “but she is kind of always here and you guys always seem to enjoy each other’s company” “I promise you B, there is nothing between Shirley and me” there was a ray of hope in Amin’s eyes; Biola noticed and decided to shut it down

“Amin, you are a brother to me… I hope we can move past this and not allow things get awkward between us in time for the wedding” “when is the wedding?” he brought himself to ask “this Saturday” Biola replied and her answer threw Amin off “why the rush for God’s sake!?” he yelled, although Biola was in no mood to defend her decision she calmly explained things to him and he apologized reluctantly not without begging her to rethink her decision and take her time.

Biola’s wedding day arrived faster than expected; it was a small very private wedding in the compound of one of Seyi’s very good friend. There were twenty guests and only three were Biola’s guests; Efe, Mrs Adamu and Amin. Amin looked for ways to avoid the wedding but his mother didn’t let him, so he sat in a large sitting room waiting to watch the love of his life get married to someone else.

“You look so beautiful” Efe said to Biola as she helped her with her veil in the bedroom, Efe was looking for ways to make Biola smile or look excited about the wedding but she was unsuccessful; throwing in the towel she asked Biola the question she never wanted to ask “are you okay? It looks like I am more excited about this wedding than you are” Biola looked at Efe and said “Efe, I don’t want to get married” her bluntness shocked Efe to the point that no matter how much she opened her mouth words refused to come out, so they sat down in silence.

After fifteen minutes, Biola got up “time to go get married” she sighed heavily and made her way towards the door “Biola wait! You know you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, Seyi is a very understanding man and he would understand that you need more time” Efe said. It was true that Seyi was a very understanding man but not on that day, not on his wedding day; he didn’t understand why Biola didn’t want to marry him anymore after all they had been through together.

Biola tried to make him understand that she didn’t want to break up, she only wanted to date longer but all Seyi heard was that she didn’t love him enough to go ahead with the wedding and she never will “it’s either you marry me now or we are done” he said firmly with a horrified look on his face “I’m sorry Seyi… I’m not ready to get married” Biola replied avoiding his eyes; after a very intense debate Seyi left the room banging the door viciously behind him. It was over.

Biola got out of there as fast as she could, she told Amin to drive her and Efe “just drive, as far away from here as possible” Biola said to Amin when he asked her where they wanted him to drive them to. It was a long drive and after an hour thirty minutes they arrived at Ilashe beach resort and Biola who was out of her wedding dress went straight to the bar to drink her feelings away.

She didn’t want to feel anything, she hated emotions and longed for the day she killed Umar because on that day she felt nothing, she had no emotions. She hated the fact that Seyi made her feel emotions; emotions she mostly didn’t understand but went along with.

Efe and Amin booked a room for her in the resort and just left her to drink; Amin wanted to go and talk to her but Efe stopped him “leave her alone, she needs to be alone right now… don’t make me tell you again” Efe snapped so Amin backed off and went to his room ready to be called anytime he was needed.

Biola drank till the early evening until she got wasted, Efe who had been watching her from afar all day paid for her drinks, took her to her room and put her to bed. Efe thought about staying with Biola in her room but she knew how important it was for Biola to be alone at very emotional times so she booked the room next door and went to bed when she was sure that Biola was asleep.

At 8pm Amin craved Biola’s attention so much that he couldn’t take it any longer, he went to the bar to meet her but she was gone so he decided to have a drink and ended up drinking two bottles of wine and half a bottle of vodka. Three hours later he matched to Biola’s room banging on it like a mad man and the moment she opened the door he started kissing her “what the hell are you doing?” she pushed him away

“Biola, why don’t you want me?… what do you want me to do for you? Should I die first before you love me? Should I die like Salim?!” Amin yelled reaching for her waist but swaying away from her instead “you are drunk, go to bed” Biola said climbing the bed unbothered but Amin didn’t follow her words instead he unbuckled his trousers and jumped on Biola “you make a man feel like he would lose his mind if he doesn’t have you” he said to Biola and pined her to the bed with one hand.

Biola immediately noticed that he had blanked out “look Amin, you are drunk… don’t do something you would regret” she said to him sharply but he didn’t listen, his hand grazed her thighs and he fondled her underwear, in that moment Biola knew that if she let Amin have his way with her Mrs Adamu would lose two sons so she began to fight him.

She fought with all the strength in her and cried for help but no one came to her rescue; Amin had torn her dress and torn out her underwear when he halted and fell to the ground “are you okay?” a panicked voice asked, it was Efe; she had hit Amin’s head with a large stone she picked from the corridor when she heard the noise coming from Biola’s room.

“Oh my God! Efe!” Biola rushed to hug her and when they were done hugging they tried to wake Amin up but he didn’t wake up “Biola… I don’t think he is breathing” Efe said as they checked for a pulse and found none. “I think he is …dead”.

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