Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 40): Beautiful Lonely Girl

“So what happened next?” Efe asked Biola, they were in Biola’s home chatting about the incident that went down on the night that Biola went to apologize to Seyi “well after a good yelling at each other, he kissed me…” Biola stopped because of the sheepish smile that was on Efe’s face “I swear to god if this didn’t happen to you first hand; I would think it is a movie” Efe couldn’t help but blush as she sipped out of her cup of tea.

“You better stop smiling as if two hooks are pulling your mouth from both ends” Biola rolled her eyes “two hooks are pulling my mouth from both ends… hooks from your love life” “can I continue my story?” “yes, you can… please continue” “he kissed me and walked away” Biola continued “I tried to call him back but he didn’t answer me, and that was it… we haven’t talked since”

“Wow. He must really love you” “did you not hear the part where I said that he called me every horrible name in the book?” “Yes he did and after that he kissed you… I have a philosophy that when someone is over you ‘love wise’ they don’t hate you, they become indifferent but if they hate you then they still love you” Efe sounded convinced

“So you are saying that Seyi still loves me because he hates me?” Efe nodded enthusiastically “that is like saying that the fact that I hate banana means that I love banana. Help me make sense of it” “it doesn’t apply to inanimate objects, only love interests” “oh I see” Biola pretended to be illuminated by Efe’s theory but she was done with the topic of Seyi for the day and wanted to talk about something else.

“So how is work?” Biola asked and Efe proceeded to tell her everything that happened to her at work while Biola was living in Abuja; she even told her about the time President Kenneth called her out of the blue “why did he call you?” Biola tried to sound casual but her heart skipped a beat when she heard President Kenneth’s name.

“At first, I thought it was to organize another interview with me, which would have been awesome but he just asked me about work and that was it… it felt like he wanted to ask me something but couldn’t bring himself to do so” but Biola knew what he wanted to ask her.

She knew that he wanted to ask Efe about her, she was tempted to tell Efe about her time with him in the hospital but she decided to keep that one for herself and besides; the last thing she wanted was to ruin Efe’s pride in her work especially her work with the President, work that gave her a promotion in the office.

“Did he call you after then?” Biola asked “no, he never did again… after that day. I pray he calls again, I would love to do another interview with him perhaps get another promotion” “I pray he does too” Biola answered.

Efe was gone by sun down and Biola was back to being alone with her thoughts; it was hard for her to be alone with herself and she didn’t know why because she used to be the type of girl who longed to be by herself most times.

“Menh, I have got to get a job” she thought and it was true, even though she didn’t need a job; she needed to do something to take her mind off herself or whatever it was that ate at her every time she was alone.

As she lay on her bed thinking of the next industry she would like to take on, she heard a phone ring; she looked at her phone but it wasn’t ringing, yet the sound of the ringing phone was coming out of her room.

She looked around moving towards the sound and found that the sound was coming from the phone that President Kenneth gave to her “when did I switch on this phone?” she said watching it ring until it stopped ringing. In the act of trying to switch off the phone, it began to ring again; Biola did everything she could to stop herself from answering the phone but it didn’t work. She answered it.

“She’s alive” words from a smooth calm voice that she surprisingly missed “we never agreed to keep in touch” “I agree, which is why I am not going to demand an apology” Biola giggled at his words and a pleasant conversation began.

They talked for what felt like five minutes but was really an hour; it was a knock on the door that brought them back to reality “I’m coming I hear something on my door, I should answer” Biola excused herself from the phone call and went to answer the door. To her surprise, it was Seyi.

“First of all, if we are going to do this again, you have to make sure that you are sure; you already know how I feel about you and you know that I am sure. Biola, I will not do this again with you if you are just here to play with my feelings… so I need to know that you are sure. Are you sure… Biola?”

All she could do was stare… it was all coming too soon too fast; all she wanted to do when she went to Seyi’s house was apologize and perhaps become friends… she still loved him but she wasn’t sure that a relationship was a good idea.

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