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an you believe that? The year just started a while back, and we are already counting down to the end of the year. God has been faithful. We’ve been here, surviving; it hasn’t been easy, but we’ve been pushing it. So, hurray to us, we are winning.

In today’s article I would be telling why communication is key in every relationship. At the company I worked after my NYSC, two ladies seemed to have this tension around each other it was unspoken, but it was there; let’s give them names Cookie and Cupcake. Cookie was our HR/ Admin staff, while Cupcake was a Cooperate Relations Executive like me. Cupcake bakes, so she brings cake to the office from time to time.

Relationships in today’s society seem to be bogus and pretentious. Relationships and whatnots aren’t my strong suit, don’t get me wrong, I give excellent relationship advice. I think the starter pack to providing excellent relationship advice is not to be in one in the first place. I decided to be more daring with my writing. I am sure you all have noticed I have never really talked about relationships or love; the truth is that I suck at it.

I looked at him again this time paying attention to the tribal marks on his face and said nothing. I know when a man is looking for my attention and I was in no mood to indulge. I mean if something was really wrong with me is it in the toilet he will help me? All these pervs.

I am not going to be guilt-tripped about walking away from someone after they have put me through emotional abuse.…

Having good work relationships helps to improve your productivity. Strong working relationships take time to mature. So it’s important to…

Adulting is the modern term for twenty-somethings engaging in adult-like behavior. People adult for various reasons… to get kudos on…

Based on people’s responses to the items on this questionnaire, researchers extracted eight broader themes that characterize motivations for infidelity. These themes were

Turn-offs for the opposite sex aren’t something one would normally know just like that. Everybody has their individual likes and dislikes.