Relationships In Today’s Society

Relationships in today’s society seem to be bogus and pretentious. Relationships and whatnots aren’t my strong suit, don’t get me wrong, I give excellent relationship advice. I think the starter pack to providing excellent relationship advice is not to be in one in the first place. I decided to be more daring with my writing. I am sure you all have noticed I have never really talked about relationships or love; the truth is that I suck at it.

Sometimes when I talk about relationships in public, people ask, “who broke your heart?”. I have never been heartbroken; I never invest enough to be hurt. I honestly envy people that give their all to their partners; they are so courageous.

I don’t think people truly love these days. They just do a scale of preference and settle. We are all cowards, yeah, including me; we are not looking for what we are dying to have, constantly living in fear of being used and getting hurt. We ask ourselves, “what if I get hurt…?” Forgetting that there is a probability of us actually finding the one. We lie to ourselves, saying love doesn’t exist. Spoiler alert: love exists.

Relationships In Today'S Society
Relationships In Today’s Society

Then you would see people in relationships in today’s society, scared of showing their partners how much they feel for them, apparently showing how much you feel is a sign of weakness, and that’s sad. Our society has brainwashed us into finding strength in stupid things; it tells us being out of touch with our feelings makes us extremely strong (this is bullshit, by the way).

People take their bruised hearts into another relationship in current times, which in turn bruises their partner’s heart. That’s how monsters are birthed, and the cycle continues.

To love is reckless yet beautiful, so be reckless. This has to be our year of recklessness. Love your partner with all your heart; the world is filled with so much hate to be giving someone special a half-ass love. The scale of preference and settling is why some men sit in their cars when they get home, till maybe their wife is asleep or why women prefer when their husbands are at work. Basically, people tolerate each other till they eventually die.

Let that superficial wall down; let your guard down. So that you would stop shouting “God when..?” every time you see people in love, let people shout “God when..?” for you too now. No matter how we say that we don’t care, we crave to be loved, and you can’t be loved if you don’t love. Wearing your heart on your sleeves doesn’t make you weak or look like a fool. On the contrary, it makes you so strong, and I admire it.

So I urge you all to be reckless enough to love; I hear it’s a beautiful feeling. Those of us who have already found love make sure you remind them every opportunity you get how much you love them and how much they mean to you, don’t lose them because you are trying to show “strength”.

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