A Simple Guide to Living a Happy Life

Happiness is a fluid concept. What it means varies from individual to individual, and no matter how similar these different meanings might seem, there is no one way to reaching happiness.

Life is as complex as the people in it. But a few things are simple and can really work if you pay close attention to them. Here’s a simple guide by which you can attempt to live the happy life you desire.


Every organization or project has a specific set of goals it aims to achieve. It ought to be the same thing for any life worth living. In order to live a life of satisfaction, you have to create a purpose around which you can build your work and activities. It has to be something you are passionate about, that way you don’t get worn off. Every little step in the right direction, every little achievement, presents a crown of satisfaction on you and that can be inspiring. The journey is very important, but you need a destination and that is what purpose is.

Create Time For People

No individual is an island. It matters not how much less of a people person you are. It is inconsequential if you often prefer to be by yourself. You will always need people in your life – family, friends, partners. They form the system of support that you will need throughout your life. The quality of your relationships improves the quality of your life. You can’t walk this path on your own, which is why it is important that you create time for the people in your life. It is more helpful than we often think it to be. Beautiful memories are seldom created alone. And trust me, as you grow older, those memories will come in handy.

Create Time for Yourself

Be mindful of how much time you spend with other people. It is easy to get lost in others without really having a life or personality of our own. Create time and a safe space where you alone can retreat into to conduct a regular self-evaluation and assessment. Also take your time to know yourself and what you want, that way you know exactly what you expect from the people around you.

Create Time to Unwind

It could be music, or film, or books, or parties, or games, or adventures, or traveling. It could be anything at all. Whatever makes you relax from the stress of work and daily living, you should create time for that. Unreleased stress can be dangerously explosive at some stage. So, take time to unwind. It is said that sex is a great stress reliever. Consider that too.

Eat Healthy

It goes without saying that your health is very important. The popular saying attributes wealth to health. Eat healthily. Exercise regularly. Drink a lot of water. Go for medical check-ups and make sure your body is in the best working condition. Living long is part of living a good life.

There it goes. These guides can be applicable to anyone and the things they love or are interested in. If happiness is the goal, then keep chasing it.

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