3 Biggest Turn-Offs For Men

Turn-offs for the opposite sex aren’t something one would normally know just like that. Everybody has their individual likes and dislikes. What Mr. A finds attractive may be out right irritating to Mr. B.

It is a natural human instinct for us to want exhibit certain behaviors and actions in order to get the attention of the opposite sex.  However some of these actions just end up pushing them farther away rather than drawing them towards you.

Dial back on the makeup

Some ladies think that loading up on heavy makeup such concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and blush makes you look your most attractive to guys however reverse is the cases in most situations.

In 2014, an Online dating site Zoosk conducted a research in other to find out men’s take on women who wear a lot of makeup. They analyzed 1,200 profile photos of female users. Then, they correlated the types of makeup worn in those photos to the preferences displayed towards them by male users. The results were a bit surprising. Zoosk actually found that women who wore makeup in their profiles received quite a few more messages than those who didn’t

“Excessively” Complaining about your past relationships.

There might still be bad blood between you and men you’ve dated. When you meet someone new but you’ve got to learn to leave the past in the past. Fight any urge you have to slander any of your exes because  it may be a turn off to your prospective new man. It may get him wondering what you’d say about him if things doesn’t work out between both of you.

Being on your cell phone all the time

It’s the 21st century and our phones are the smartest they could ever be. There’s always something fun and exciting at your fingertips. However, you should learn how to limit the way you use your mobile device around company; Especially company of your prospective new man. You give your time and undivided attention to those you value, he may feel undervalued if you spend time constantly checking your phone and texting back and forth while you’re supposed to be communicating.

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